On Painting, Vacations & Taking Sabbaticals

lately i've been feeling so much like i'm pushing at full-speed, straight ahead. 

so we decided to take a little break and head to door county, wisconsin (where we were married).

i realized these last few months i'd been moving forward with such intensity, that i had forgotten to take a breath and look around.

so i'm taking a 3 month sabbatical.  

to me, this doesn't mean i'm going to stop "working" all together. i LOVE what i do and couldn't imagine not doing it. my work is my life.

but i am taking much more time to breathe. 

i am taking lots of time to journal, read, snap photos, and soak everything in.

and i am taking so much time to refuel my creativity and just paint, paint, paint.

before i move forward with everything i had "planned," i want to reassess and make sure i'm completely and utterly so excited and passionate about my next creative projects. 

so i will definitely be posting lots of new paintings this month. 

find me on facebook...where i post all of my new artwork first and lots of in-progress shots right in the moment too (i can't resist).

it's already been amazing how much inspiration comes when you take a step back. and it's been seriously tricky not to jump in and start on all of these new ideas i'm having.

for sure there will be new online courses coming soon. and i'm so excited to share everything i've been creating with you!


ps. december is my birthday month, and i'm sending out my newsletter on friday (my birthday) with lots of fun things and a special coupon.


  1. What beautiful winter there is! Looking forward to your birthday newsletter,. and Happy Birthday, Juliette!

  2. Oh good for you Juliette! You deserve that time and I hope it fills you up. :) I just signed up for your newsletter, so I am looking forward to reading it. I am a December baby too and I am wishing you a fabulous month. (PS Adore your coat!!)

  3. Happy Birthday! So glad you're taking some time to reconnect with yourself, your love and creating. We all need to do that to keep us grounded.
    The pictures are beautiful. I love winter and would love to have some cold weather. Our winter here in South Carolina has been in the upper sixties and seventies. It never feels like Christmas when you don't need a coat on.

    Have a beautiful time.

  4. Breather and just be and enjoy!!!! You certainly deserve it! ---thanks for sharing!!

  5. Happy Birthday! Fab coat! Door County is really great! I hope you have a nice time there. We went camping out there a few summers ago and thought it was great fun to see the goats on the roof of a restaurant. 2012 was pretty cool... here's to 2013!


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