inspired by old sketches & forever mixed media

lately, i've been cleaning out my studio and looking through old sketchbooks. 

always at this time of year, i find myself clearing space for lots of new things to come into my life. 

i've been reorganizing things and making more time to paint. i have all of these images in my head that i've been so excited to take the time and paint out. and it all centers on having fun and letting go in my artwork.

all things i've been experimenting with in my art journaling.

one of the things i came across while cleaning out was a stack of old drawings.

now i knew that i've always created without boundaries, using all sorts of supplies together in one piece. but i didn't realize how closely my past work resembled the mixed media techniques in my current paintings.

especially the layering and play in my current art journaling.

finding these old drawings felt like a circle, finally connected and completed. 

i saw that i'd used layers of oil pastels, acrylics, pencil, charcoal and lots of papers all together, leaving scratches in the paint.

and i happened upon some softer layers on loose pages, that i can't wait to try out. i just love seeing the hole punches along the sides and am thinking i must find some vintage coloring and sketch books!

there's a certain kind of freedom that comes in creating on pages that aren't bound together in a perfect journal. i adore going through random loose page after page and just letting it all out and not thinking that i'm about to paint something super professional that must be beautiful.

i try and maintain this mindset whenever i create. but it seems to just come so naturally and freely with these loose pages and art journaling.

i just LOVE the inspiration that comes from old things. and i cannot wait to see the way these past drawings all filter into my current work!


ps. it's been so fun seeing all of the gorgeous artwork created in my online course HOW TO CREATE WHIMSICAL ANIMALS

the self-paced, instant-access version of the class will be available soon...in the meantime, find details for all of my online courses here. happy painting!

pps. i loved being part of life book 2012...registration for the 2013 class is now open!


  1. Those pages are very cool, Juliette. How fun to find these treasures of yours!

    1. thanks, lynda! now i need to remember not to throw so many sketches away :)

  2. Love seeing your older pages and how much of a treat they are to see. I posted my totum I did in Life Book with you on my blog had to say thank you Juliette. Always such fun to see these little guys evolve. Thanks again for being such a great teacher.xo

    1. that's so lovely to hear, annette. thank you! i LOVE seeing your animal totem and am so happy you enjoyed the lesson.

      best wishes!

  3. These pages are EXQUISITE! And I agree with you: there is something about the journal that makes me create with a little more abandon than when I have a single white page before me. Beautiful work Juliette.

    1. thank you! it must be something about creating on loose paper that makes it feel more free-ing.

  4. Wow Juliette...these old works of yours are actually really fantastic not that it suprises me at all but its just that we get so use to a certain style of art that is done by artist we like that it is odd to see their old work and different styles...thanks so much for sharing these their pretty kick a** if you ask me! :)

    1. thank you! it's so fun to look back on these old pages and be inspired now :)


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