NEW Projects: art journals, magnets & prints

normally i get out my paints. but this weekend i decided it's been too long since i've submitted work to somerset studio magazine. and i didn't want to just submit my paintings. i wanted to send a batch of lots of fun gifts and things.

so, i got out some art supplies that i'd been saving for a rainy day and started to create. and it really opened up a whole new door in my creative process. i hadn't even realized i'd been shutting out my love for sewing, pasting, embellishing, and glitter-ing!

working on these new projects gave me an entirely new perspective on play. and made me feel like a kid again!


i'd had these wood plaques that i often use for painting originals. but i used to use them to create mounted prints. you can find them at most craft stores. and the beveled edges really make the print stand out.


i also had all of these little wooden alphabet magnets from the days when i'd stock my shop full of loads of handmade goods. i just don't have time to create these magnets all of the time anymore. but it is so much fun to create them when i really want to.

i found the alphabet magnets at michael's craft store and printed out a batch of mini archival prints. once they'd been cut to size, i adhered them with gel medium and added a bit of charcoal to make the characters pop.

they look completely adorable on the refrigerator.


i found all of these paper mache journals i'd picked up at joanne fabrics ages ago and never had the chance to embellish. i adhered a few archival prints, and added paper embellishments to the covers.

then on the back, i applied vintage book pages and painted pages. then layered the papers with spray painted stencils...some of the fun we'll be having in HOW TO CREATE WHIMSICAL ANIMALS.

if you're looking to spark your creativity, i totally recommend playing with little projects like these. add a bit of glitter, some stitching and doodling...and have fun!

What Art Projects Have You Been Working On Lately?


ps. i'll be adding the techniques i loved most from these little projects to lessons in my upcoming online course HOW TO CREATE WHIMSICAL ANIMALS.


  1. Fabulous! As usual... My favorite part of this post (besides your enthusiasm and creativity) is the journal with the book page tree trunks! Did you do them as negative space? Love the idea!

  2. that's my favorite too, dianne. and i loved it so much i decided to add the technique as a lesson in my HOW TO CREATE WHIMSICAL ANIMALS online course and including other negative space stencil ideas. the key with this one was a birch tree stencil i found at the craft store...i'll be posting it on thursday as one of my new favorite art supplies :)

  3. Juliette, love seeing all you've been up to. It's inspiring. Those little mounted prints are so cute!
    Catherine Denton

  4. Wonderful! Luv them Juliette!! Always a joy! Luv the colours you use!
    Thanks for sharing with us!! :)

  5. What loveliness!! I adore the prints mounted, they are so striking. Lately I completed my largest piece to date, a 2'x4' on plywood. I've also been painting for my kids.. working on homemade gifts for the holidays and such. Happy creating! <3

  6. Always love to see what you create Juliette!! Beautiful<3


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