CREATIVE SUGAR with Carrie Schmitt

I started my weekly blog series CREATIVE SUGAR  to promote positivity and provide a platform for everyone to share their unique stories, knowledge and experiences, showcasing the beauty, connection, and inspiration that exists in our every day.

This week on CREATIVE SUGAR, I'm delighted to share inspiration from Carrie Schmitt (Seattle, WA). 

* Be sure to check out Carries's beautiful new website designed by my lovely husband, Brian Knapp. *

What’s the greatest advice you’ve been given?

Keep your eye on the ball. My dad told me this over and over as a girl playing in boys’ hardball little league. I found that as long as I did this, I had great success. I think it taught me to have confidence that I can do anything if I stay focused and determined which has helped me throughout my life.

What's some not-so-great advice you've been given?

Not to major in art in college.

What's Your Biggest Dream?

To be a full-time artist, to write a children's book, to kayak more, to get rid of my heat allergy (yes, I'm allergic to heat), and to travel to beautiful places with my family.


“Walking, I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly, all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands.” Linda Hogan, Native American writer. 

As a child, my favorite bedtime story was how my life came to be. My mom had several miscarriages before I was born, including a preterm baby, Joseph, who only lived for a few days. Her doctors said her uterus was shaped like a heart instead of a pear and that she would never be able to have children. 

But, eventually I was born. Her heart-shaped uterus had stretched with each baby she carried and lost, which made it possible for me to survive.

As a child, I felt like these heart-stretching souls were my guardian angels always looking out for me and telling me secrets. They whispered to make the most of my life. That I was meant to be here to make a difference—even if it is as simple as brightening someone’s day with a kind gesture. 

I feel a responsibility to not let down those who came before me and to make their lives—which are so intrinsically connected to mine—mean something. That I owe it to them and myself to live life fully and brilliantly. 

My life has always felt like a gift from those who came before me. Not just from these souls but from all my ancestors whose lives shaped mine. 

Recognizing their presence in my life makes me feel powerful and strong, which makes it easier to face adversity and follow my dreams. I like to imagine them walking beside me, cheering me on.

(all images courtesy of Carrie Schmitt)


ps. There's a NEW inspiring story coming up for the next two weeks! But then I'll be taking a little break from CREATIVE SUGAR. The inspiration project will return in one form or another soon. 

In the meantime, I need to take extra time to paint and work on other projects I have coming up...like my latest e-book, which is full of what has and hasn't worked for me in my creative business and lots of artist and entrepreneur interviews too! I know it will be very helpful for anyone starting on their own business journey and I can't wait to share all of the details with you (very soon)! 

It's been so incredible to hear everyone's stories from around the world! Thank you to everyone for all of your kind words and for sharing so much inspiration on CREATIVE SUGAR already!


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  1. Thankyou for the Creative Sugar! I love the motto 'Keep your eye on the ball' I do enjoy reading other artists stories. :)
    jess x x

  2. I love her flowers! And her website is gorgeous - just checked it out. Thank you for sharing Carrie with us.

  3. Another wonderful week of Creative Sugar. Carrie's work is beautiful and I really enjoyed her blog. Thank you for sharing her!
    PS I loved your interview with Tam for Life Book this week Juliette. Such an inspiring artist you are! I hope to read your children's novel to my children in the future too. :)

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