a Perfect Summer Recipe - Watermelon Granita!

last week, we visited the home of some very good friends. they brought out giant slices of watermelon and we enjoyed them in the backyard. it reminded me that nothing can feel more like summertime!

so brian and i picked up a watermelon and froze half of the slices. then the next morning we made our version of a watermelon granita! 

it's perfect for a sweet, refreshing breakfast or anytime on a summer day! and it's sure to add a little extra sunshine to your life!


1/4 watermelon, sliced and frozen
1/2 lime (squeeze and add the juice)
2 teaspoons honey

put all ingredients in a blender and mix until blended, but still icy. scoop into glasses and serve with a lime wedge. best enjoyed right away!

Do you have a favorite summertime recipe? Let me know, I'd love to try it!


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