a NEW studio makeover!

welcome to my new brighter and lighter studio!

when i got home from the beach, i just knew my studio needed a makeover!

the beach gave me a perspective of open-ness, grounded-ness and vast light and space. and i wanted to feel these things whenever i painted in my studio.

my old, green room studio felt cramped and dark. the green walls had to go. and i planned to paint BIG canvases, yet every time i turned i seemed to spill something...so i really needed something new! 

the last time i remodeled my studio, i also created more space. i took over the closet in our listening room/library for my printing and etsy shop supplies so that anything that needed to stay clean and tidy was no where near my painting space.

it seems each year i makeover my studio. changing up the space not only fits the growth of me and my business, but it really makes everything feel new and full of life!

that move definitely made me feel much more free about painting. but now i needed more light and space! 

i was feeling ivory walls with a red concrete floor...

well, we decided to leave the wood floor and clean it up a bit. even moving the work tables against the wall opened up the room. 

i also reorganized all of the art supplies i currently use most and moved them into the studio closet, so that the tables could be almost-empty.

i chose an ivory for the walls, but even after a coat of primer and first coat of ivory, the green still showed.

a second coat of ivory did the trick. the room finally gave off the warm hue i'd been hoping for...

since i'd decided not to go with the red concrete floor, i was still craving a red hue to compliment the room. i'd also been searching for a solution to my always getting paint splatters on the wall and floor. 

i found this giant roll of red rosin paper at menards. we taped the edges to prevent the paper from tearing when we nailed it to the wall... 

so that now i can splatter the paper and my canvas drop cloth without ruining the rest of the room.

and since i've taken to holding open art studios at our home, we created this space to display my square paintings. 

i also painted my studio tables white...to mirror the lightness of the rest of the room. they've become a fun space for me to doodle and try out colors now too!

photo by Stephanie Claire Birr

and, since my true love is painting outdoors... 

brian picked up this perfect art cart (by stanley) for all of my supplies. i keep it wheeled at the end of my studio table when i'm painting inside.

then it goes up and down the steps (so i don't need to carry it) whenever i paint in the backyard! it not only fits all of my paints in a removable top section, but water bins, brushes, and papers for collage in the middle section, and paintings in the bottom section...

perfect for an artist like me who simply must sprawl outside with my art supplies on a sunny day.  

i hope you've enjoyed my studio tour!


ps. i have some of the BIG paintings i've been working on that i can't wait to show you later this week...best wishes!


  1. Love your new studio!! Nice and bright!! Love your paint also!!

  2. Love the warm ivory and your new white tables. Everything looks spacious and open!
    Catherine Denton

  3. Love the new look and I really love that cart! Thanks for sharing.

    1. that cart is such a dream...i think i could even keep it set up outside overnight :)

  4. I'd have that sucker filled up so fast it would make your head swim. But it sure looks nice!

  5. Hey, Juliette~
    This looks awesome! Beautiful and inspiring. Wish you could come over and help me, now! :) Congratulations and well done!

    1. i pretty much cleaned out everything and painted what was left white...the art cart is the thing that keeps it looking organized...and the gigantic closets :)

  6. Looks great! And thanks for the cart recommendation -- that might be exactly what I'm looking for to solve my storage issues!

    1. i so recommend the cart, especially if you move from place to place whenever creating...i'm always outside or near whatever window is sunniest. cloth shoe racks keep everything organized in the closets...perfect for mixed media :)

  7. So lovely! I'm going to let this inspire me to clean-up my space.

    1. i so recommend it, especially if you'e feeling you've overgrown your current space...i'm constantly changing my supplies up and realize i always have new things that need to be kept out while others can be completely stored away :)

  8. I love the big art cart. Perfect for on the road travel too!

    1. perfect for roadtrips! thinking we should take another california drive :)

  9. I love that cart, too! Your studio looks great! You've inspired me to get busy on mine!

  10. Juliette I just love your studio, you should see mine... I sometimes wonder how I can make all my painting in my messy studio, I have to do something like you, take everything out and on only take in what I am going to use. Sometimes I cant move in my studio... I would love to have cart like yours, brilliant idea and easy to carry around.
    Best regards
    Sigga Dís
    p.s. I love your painting, looking forward to have you as a teacher in the Live Book.

  11. Love it all! The cart rocks. I hate dragging my stuff from my studio to the kitchen table, where I end up working most of the time. Loving the owl class! :)

  12. All I can say is WOW. I am looking around my studio thinking it needs a makeover now:). I love the cart...I love to piant outside and even in other rooms and that looks like a perfect solution. Good post!! Julie

  13. Love the restyle of your studio Juliette!
    Then I really like white walls and windows, they give an immdiate senso of light and a bigger and clean space where to work!

    I've recently restyled my studio too and it's almost all white! I still hav to make some arrangement inside but it's almost done :)


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