a week of foxes begins: FOLLOW THE SIGNS

TITLE: Follow The Signs. Original (SOLD).
 Prints available in my etsy shop

a week of foxes begins! and i'm starting with my very first fox, FOLLOW THE SIGNS.

this one stayed without a name for quite a while. then i took some time to pick up favorite magazines from the library and as i sat and read, in one inspiring article, i found all of the names for these new fox paintings. 

as you may have heard, i spent the last few weeks painting and writing on the beach (and launching my how to paint a girl e-course, which was so inspiring i'll be hosting another session in may!). 

well, on the beach, i saw a fox. and this fox made such an impression on me. it was one of those moments at sunset where there should have been tons of people around, but this fox popped up along the dunes and when i looked to see if anyone else saw him too, no one else was around. just me and the fox. 

i thought it had been a dream. but then on my last day, i'd been journaling on the balcony at sunrise and was lucky enough to see him running right along the beach in front of me.

so the fox has become my new muse. and i cannot stop painting these foxes! 

TITLE: Follow The Signs. Original (SOLD).
 Prints available in my etsy shop 
i had such fun working from my original fox photos to come up with this first fox painting. i wanted it to be a sort of portrait. from there, i chose my favorite colors to work with and just had fun with the patterns. 

there was definitely a lot of fear that crept up in creating a new character, as i've never painted a fox before. so, i kept reminding myself that this was just a study of a fox. nothing had to be perfect. and from there, i could relax and have fun with the process.

TITLE: Follow The Signs (available in my shop March 16) 
this fox's title says it all...FOLLOW THE SIGNS. it's all about recognizing those little things in your every day that lead you to the next big thing.

i'll be posting a new fox painting along with its in-progress photos each day this week. then all of the originals and prints will be available as part of my shop update on Friday, March 16 at 10:30 am EST. 


Registration is Open for my online mixed media painting class, HOW TO PAINT AN OWL! Class starts March 30. Find all of the details and register right here. I can't wait to paint together! 

I'm working on a new video snip-it to share with you...in case you missed it, here is the last owl snip-it. 


  1. Êtes-vous aussi rusée ?...
    Gros bisous

  2. He is lovely! I love the way you have represented him..he does have a bit of a sly fox look that makes me like him even more. Such nice colors too.

  3. Love his expression and the colors!

  4. Juliette, So jelouse that you are in Florida!! I'm living through your blog photos of all the flowers and beaches!! And so cool to see your process of this cute fox painting! Thanks for sharing.

    1. thanks, liz. i felt like i had to hold back on all of the photos of sunsets and sunrises and everything i'd find on the beach...because i could have shared every single one. i couldn't stop with the photos! best wishes!

  5. thank you! i know the fox i saw on the beach was definitely a sly fellow. his expression was very wise too :)

  6. Your foxes are wonderful!! Did you ever get the chance to see Milo and Otis? I've always loved the fox in that movie :)
    The snout is a tricky thing for me, I really like how you captured it, so FUN!!


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