i heart flowers!

this year for valentine's day, brian sent flowers. it was the most wonderful surprise!

and all week i've been enjoying this gorgeous bouquet. i move them from the kitchen to beside my bed each night, just so i can wake up to the sweet smell of hyacinth. every time i walk past them, i smile.

i feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

and it all got me thinking...if these flowers make me this happy, just walking by them and smelling them each day, then i really should buy flowers for myself and have them around more often!

it's really all about the little things.


i hope you had a lovely valentine's day too! have the most wonderful weekend! and be sure to buy yourself flowers! xoxo

ps. i've been pinning lots of color inspirations to my Lovely Color Collections board on pinterest.

pps. i've been painting like crazy (that little heart ribbon even made it into a piece). i will have lots and lots of new artwork to share with you next week! best wishes!


  1. I LOVE flowers too and I do buy them for myself:O) ALOT, they make me happy and I just bought some to plant in my potted pots:O) Cannot wait to see the new art:O) have a great weekend

  2. you so make me smile, reminding me about flowers for my garden and outdoor potted pots. so much joy in flowers...best wishes! xoxo, juliette

  3. What a beautiful surprise from your sweet guy!! I love having flowers in the house, too! I bought some beautiful yellow tulips the other week and have been amazed at how they have grown so tall as their blooms blossom more and more each day. In an upcoming blog post I share about them and how they have made me SMILE each day I pass by them. I am loving the pretty flowers that are blooming in our yard right now...always makes me happy to see a new spot of color brightening up my day!! Big hugs to you, sweet friend...you have added such sunshine to my week again!!


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