take flight!

TAKE FLIGHT. Limited Edition Prints available in my etsy shop.
Please email me for details on the Original Painting (10"x10" on canvas).

What could be better than an art night filled with painting, wine and chocolate!

We even took our blank canvases out into the backyard for a bit of spray painting! And from there, this piece just really fell into place...

Right away I saw the owls wing and began filling it in with color. Then I found the owl’s head in the shape of a lace doily I’d stenciled. From there, I just played with color and had fun with it all. 

By the end of the night, I had painted one eye. I didn’t want to rush it and mess up the second eye, so I left it until morning. And amazingly, the other eye came out and I knew this owl was reaching for the stars, so I added in all of the bright shining stars and the moon in the background too.

The entire painting was created using lots of supplies from my studio-acrylic paints, india ink, pastel, pencil, origami paper and a bit of GLITTER!

TAKE FLIGHT. Limited Edition Prints available in my etsy shop.
Please email me for details on the Original Painting (10"x10" on canvas).

 Yet I knew this owl wasn’t just reaching for the stars. This owl has so much power and strength behind its vision and knows just where it needs to go. This owl is absolutely ready to set off and TAKE FLIGHT!

ps. i love this painting so much, i've decided to make it a LIMITED EDITION print. now available in my etsy shop.


The lovely Susannah Conway is hosting an August Break! So instead of blogging with words for the whole of August, I’ll be sharing photos here!

There will be a rainbow a week…with Mondays full of color, featuring a new original painting. Then the rest of the week will spotlight photos in every color. All things I hope will make you smile!

The rainbow starts tomorrow! And of course there will be a few surprises along the way! Sign up for my newsletter to stay up on all the details.


  1. She is realy special. Love the wing. And I'll take art and chocolate anytime. I'll skip on the wine. :)

  2. She's just gorgeous, well done.

  3. She's beautiful Juliette! I love how you use all those layers. :)

  4. I love the background techniques!!! And the owl is gorgeous. I want to start using Indian inks in my Mixed Media pieces...so much to learn. Thank you for the inspiration...again! ;-)

  5. Oh my goodness, this is one of your prettiest owls yet! I love her. :) Oh, and glitter too - fabulous!

  6. Wonderful work!
    Thank you so much for sharing the story!

  7. This owl is definitely a new favorite of mine! So exotic and pretty :-)

    I've been hearing a lot about india ink. How do you use it?

    Also, do you have a favorite place to get your origami paper? I know there has got to be gorgeous paper out there somewhere, but I can't find any that I love...

  8. i use india ink with a bamboo or fine tipped brush...i especially love it for outlines where I might use an ink pen instead. I also love smudging the ink in with my fingertips to get a lovely thin layer that works great for shadows.

    i search craft stores for origami paper i love. my favorite is the kind with gold or silver lines...i've found that at bookstores, joanne's and michaels. sometimes paper stores are good for fabulous finds too!

  9. J'ai hâte de voir la fin de votre dernière peinture... Cette chouette nous fait de l'oeil!
    Vous m'avez l'air aussi gourmande que moi ma chère!
    Avec cette note sucrée... Je vous embrasse.

  10. Gorgeous Juliette and love you are joining in the color theme that seems to be sweeping us this summer. Cant wait to see your lovely work. Enjoy the August break (I totally forgot we are already in August!) :-)

  11. I think this is one of my favorite owls from you! It just feels so magical! I love hearing you talk about your work...

  12. She is a gorgeous owl!! I can see why you love her....she evokes such mystery, yet confidence about her :)


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