kind of incredible!!!

well, i have been waiting for months to share this issue of somerset studio gallery with you! i just can't say thank you enough to the wonderful editors at somerset studio for featuring my art along with pages and pages of other artists' beautiful work!

she sings like the flowers (left) and autumn (right)

i was so excited to find two of my original paintings... 

and to see this lovely spread of some of my wood mounted prints...

and my little original handmade notecards too!

and to top it all off, as if that all couldn't have been incredible enough, while i was in england i was lucky enough to get an invitation from the always inspiring teesha moore to submit a teaching proposal to teach at ARTFEST 2012!

can you tell i was just a little bit excited?

so i've been working to put together my best workshop proposals and submitted everything in this little envelope last week....i can hardly believe it! and i am just so incredibly excited about it all!!!

THANK YOU so much for all of your amazing support and encouragement! i am so grateful grateful grateful! AND i have another bt of good news to share with you in FRIDAY's post too!



ps. thank you so much for all of your amazing comments from monday's start to finish post for my latest painting, THIS IS YOUR LIFE! i'm so happy you enjoy seeing the painting process! i've been working on many new paintings too that i can't wait to share with you!


  1. Wow! That's amazing! I can't wait for my copy to turn up. This must be your year Juliette. So exciting to see all your news and watch the magic unfold.

  2. Oh my goodness! Dreams coming true before our eyes.! Congrats to you on all your good news. That is absolutely wonderful! You deserve it.

  3. I'm sending Congratulations and Clapping from TX, this is all absolutely wonderful, wishing you all good luck with the proposal, you should get it just for the great envelop. It is so much fun to see your name and work in print.

  4. YAHOOOO! Congratulations to you! The magazine is amazing and the invitation to possibly teach!!!! yay for you!

  5. Beautiful feature. Congratulations!

  6. hurrah! dreams coming true all over the place! way to go, juliette!

  7. thank you! THANK YOU!

    best wishes to you all!!!

  8. I picked up the magazine yesterday. Seeing your images made me smile! Congratulations on all the goodness.

  9. Wow! Congratulations Juliette! : )

  10. Congratulations on all of these wonderful happenings!!!

    So exciting!!!


  11. Great, and now I have a reason to go to the bookstore and get a beautiful magazine. Such great thngs are happening for you. Love those little olws and I am so hooked on them thanks to your instructions. Yea from Texas for you.

  12. Awesome news Juliette. So excited for you. It seems like your dreams are really coming to life. It's wonderful.

  13. just wonderful and sooooo deserved :)xx

  14. wow - you must just be over the moon! I love your work. And I love that you are following your passion and you are thriving! I went to Artfest for the first time this year..and I just might have to go back next year if you're teaching there! :)

  15. At one time I had a subscription to Somerset. I always look at it in the bookstores and admire all the talented artists. I will be sure to look for the summer issue next time I'm in BN. I can't wait for the painting class to start week after next.


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