let the outside in

let the outside in. prints available in my etsy shop.

but don't worry, while i'm painting with flora bowley, i have lots of fun blog posts lined up for you...including a few paintings from start to finish!

this painting, let the outside in, is one of my recent favorites. but it was so tricky to uncover this little owl's birch bark scenery.

my owl started out with a nice shape and lots of red and pink.

i found her eyes right away, which rarely happens. but that red hot scene just didn't fit.

so i softened it up with a few birch trees and lightness. then i added a bit of my favorite origami paper onto her belly and as the moon.

but she still looked like she was wearing a helmet and camouflage. and i didn't know where to go with it, so i just added lots of black fingerprints and played with the paint. 

and luckily i found that black scribble over her head, which defined her new shape.

from there the scene cooled down. i added a bit of white sparkle to her head, wings and the trees and it all seemed to turn into magic.

let the outside in. prints available in my etsy shop.

i just love the way her feathers match the birch trees. and her belly mirrors the blooming flower. it really got me thinking that she just ought to 


  1. Thanks for sharing the process. I'm starting to find that I'm layering more too. I guess it feels a bit like a brave step to take - covering up all that's gone before, ready to spread your owl wings!

  2. aw beautiful! and a brave process! Hope you enjoy England! xxx

  3. I am going to paint with Flora to here in Portugal :)
    Love your owl!!!!

  4. Love this one Juliette! And I love the warmth of her color palette. Thanks for sharing the process. Its great to watch her transformation! :)

  5. Have FUN in England!!:O) Love the process:O) What a beautiful painting:O)

  6. thank you! i'm off to england in just a few hours!

    so exciting you'll be painting with flora, susana!

    see you all soon!

  7. oh I just LOVE this one. and I love how you took us through your process. Hope you have an amazing time at the retreat!!

  8. This is so beautiful!

  9. I love the colors used on this, very beautiful. And what a sassy and sweet owl!

  10. Juliette - just had to let you know that your post today inspired a post of my own!

  11. Hi Juliette. I was intigued by Lisa's post because this is what happens when I am painting all of the time...I guess it's about giving up control for me. I really enjoyed this post and the fact that you took the time to document it. Your owl is beyond beautiful.
    xo, Lisa

  12. Have fun! I love your owl, so much!!!

  13. Wonderful. Love the finished piece!
    Have a great time on the other side of the pond.

  14. Wow, what a journey she took to fully emerge....and what an amazing journey you are embarking on!

    Have a wonderful trip!

  15. i love the matching feather and trees too!

  16. I AM OBSESSED WITH OWLS! And I love watching it's transformation. Just adorable.

  17. Loved seeing how this owl developed -the final version is gorgeous :)


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