Bloom True With Flora Bowley!

when i was asked to assist the lovely  flora bowley in her bloom true workshop at the do what you love retreat in england...what could i say but YES!

i just couldn't believe we got to paint in this gorgeous landscape!

and i felt so at home painting on these large canvases...

especially when it was warm enough to take them outside and paint in the grass!

i learned so much about painting, teaching and creative business from flora!

she's originally from green bay, wisconsin (not too far from where i grew up) so it was especially sweet to share stories from the midwest.

and i cannot wait to try out some of the translucent paints she uses!

it was really amazing to have this time to play and learn from everyone else in the class too!

and i really did try to keep this painting just like it is when i went to york to paint in my hotel room after the retreat. 

but, of course, an owl just started to appear! 

i can't wait to share the finished piece with you on monday...along with the entire painting and her story from start to finish!

have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!!


  1. I want to take a class from her so much!! I just love her paintings!! What a great opportunity for you!

  2. Love love love. It all looks so beautiful. What an amazing time it must have been.

  3. would be so lovely for you to take a class with flora! she really is a wonderful teacher...such a wonderful time :)

  4. this looks amazing and like so much fun! i just found your blog and i am super inspired! i recently started trying multi media painting and love it! i can't wait to see more of your work. i would love to do a workshop like that sometime!

  5. Gorgeous! Inspiration for your own retreat workshop sometime soon perhaps?? Love your paintings JulietteXx

  6. Can't wait to see how that painting evolves - loved reading your version of the retreat :)

  7. Amazing trip, paintings, will be looking forward to see how your painting ends up.

  8. complete inspiration for my own retreat workshop...fingers crossed :)

  9. Juliette what a great class that must have been. You and Flora look like sisters! I took a class with Flora when she came to Philly. It was amazing! My daugher Nelly calls her, her little Fairy Princess and she sprinkles magic dust everywhere. She is truly magical.

  10. Oh, wow - these paintings are gorgeous and what a beautiful place to work! I'm so jealous! It looks like it was truly an amazing experience! <3

  11. Looking great. Can't wait to see the finish painting! And..the story behind!

  12. Love the paintings & Flora!! I bet it was such a wonderful experience for you. SO looking forward to more pics & stories!! Have a fabulous weekend.

  13. Oh my Gosh! I never knew she was from Wisconsin!!

    WOW !! That is so amazing!... I m stunned!! ...

    I have you both so high up on my "super cool " ladder ...

    I could just look at both your styles of paintings for hours...

    ~ thanks so much for sharing!! ~ Smiling from ear to ear! ....


  14. This is wonderful, I wish I could be a part of something like this! WOW

  15. Great painting, lovely colour and composition. I'd love to spend some time doing some workshops, it's a great opportunity to meet like minded people and learn something new.

  16. i think we need to get flora back here to wisconsin :)
    at least for a workshop or two....i can help you plan it....we could do it at VR....
    oh what a dream and a piece of heaven that would be !!

    seriously, think about it. i'm a great organizer with my ocd {in a good way} issues :)

  17. WOW. I cannot wait to see. I am so drawn to the colors and texture. Love it so much. SO MUCH!!!


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