planting seeds

isn't this just the loveliest greenhouse? 

i am so wanting one for my own backyard. this one happens to be at my parents' home. and i'm so lucky to be able to get a few of my own seeds started inside...

i planted lots and lots of lettuce and spinach...

and loads of cosmos too.

i haven't done many edibles in my garden, so i'm so excited to see if we'll get a few strawberries...

and broccoli too.

spending the afternoon in the greenhouse really made me remember how much i love gardening. and it just might be the perfect painting place on cold days too.

have a wonderful weekend!


i have quite a few paintings i've been working on and lots of start to finish photos too! i can't wait to share them all with you next week!


  1. I love your greenhouse! Well done on all the planting too. :)x

  2. I love the potential of little seedlings... such a great metaphor.

  3. Yup. I now have greenhouse envy. ~sigh~

  4. What a gorgeous greenhouse! I guess you have the second best thing to having one in your own backyard :) Eventually when I have land and my little homestead, I want a potting shed, greenhouse, and shadehouse for the veggie garden.

  5. What a great greenhouse...I am imagining just sitting in the middle of it with lots of plants growing nearby :)

  6. HI my post left. So glad to see lyou with a greenhouse. The are so great with getting the seedlings started. Looking forward to see them all grown up.

  7. This is my first time visiting with you. I love everything about your blog. I’m so looking forward to coming back soon.


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