west coast art + inspirations

gorgeous papers at flax in san francisco

my most recent trip to california was all about art + inspiration!

Lunch at Tartine Bakery in The Mission, San Francisco with the lovely Tiffany MooreBeth NichollsLouise Gale, and Mati McDonough

i met these lovely and inspiring ladies for the very first time and we chatted and enjoyed a fabulous lunch at Tartine Bakery!

i spent lots of time admiring these fabulous papers and got inspired to add flocking powder to a few new paintings to get that incredible look of velvet!

even with a bit of rain, i took lots of walks...

and really enjoyed the like-springtime flowers.

i found some of my favorite things...watermelon juice, homemade granola bars with dried figs and apricots and the perfect macchiato!

then i headed to an artful journey in los gatos! 

and i so admired the lovely orange trees,

palm trees, 

moss-covered trees...

and even the fog.

after a three day painting workshop with jesse reno...

and lots of art with some seriously amazing ladies...

beth, louise and i headed down the coast on hwy 1!

the sun was out in carmel, california

and i spent lots of afternoons overlooking the ocean...

and eating fabulous food at nepenthe...

and the adorable big sur inn.

i just couldn't resist the blooming magnolias,


anything outdoors, really...

especially the redwoods in julie pfeiffer burns state park (big sur).

and after more flowers, 

fabulous food,

and nature walks...

i headed back to wisconsin and feel like i've been painting and so inspired ever since!


mindy and danielle have some gorgeous photos from class too!

i am so incredibly grateful, grateful to everyone who has already signed up for my HOW TO PAINT AN OWL E-course! i can't wait to see all of the amazing owls everyone creates! 

the Early Bird Sale ends Monday!


  1. Wow what a trip. I am especially jealous that you managed to plonk yourself down right in the middle of Spring - what a treat! And those orchids... were they growing wild? Wow!

    Flocking powder is something new on me. I guess I never really thought about that effect was created before.

  2. That sounds like an amazing trip. Beautiful photos.

  3. What an amazing time! You got to see such a beautiful state while Wisconsin is still covered in snow (I live there too). I'm dying to go to California myself. Meeting those great artists too--lucky lady you are!

  4. Oh man, all of this is SO gorgeous! What a lovely trip.

  5. those orchids were in big sur...amazing, right! that entire drive was simply beautiful!

  6. Thank yo so much for sharing the beautiful west...feel like I walked down memory lane...it is so splendid there!!! so glad you get to experience all that wonderfulness!!! Safe travels

  7. It was such a fun trip - and so lovely to share it with you Juliette! I love that last picture - you look like you are heading to your studio with such purpose!

  8. aww looks like you had a great time - wish I had signed up on time - boo. Next time! Your photos were fun to look at, thanks for sharing :)

  9. Looks like such a lovely trip. Beautiful photos!
    Thanks for sharing. ~Theresa

  10. It was so wonderful to meet you in person, Juliette!! Wasn't it just the best retreat?? And it looks like you had a fabulous time here in California :)


  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. Those could cheer up any bleak day.


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