painting with jesse reno!

the start to jesse reno's paintings during our workshop at an artful journey

i have so many wonderful photos to share from my most recent journey to california last week. but first, i just have to show you the painting i created in my workshop at an artful journey with jesse reno.

done on bristol paper with dick blick fluid acrylics (very nice).

the process started out with lots of layering of color, using only your hands.

  then i started to find a few objects and shapes within all that color.

i really loved the face i found in this painting. i saw this cuddly nose and defined the eyes. maybe you can kind of see a little face above his big head? as if this little creature is sitting on top of his head. well, the lovely louise spotted him and i went ahead defining him more to fit the image i saw in my head.

but after a bit, everything around these two cute characters started to get too distracting. so i blocked it all out with this gray-blue, almost like a fog.

then the next day i came back to the studio, i was in a pink hearted mood, so i went ahead and added a layer of red and white and mixed it all until it made me smile again. i love the doorway that seems to be surrounding these two. i imagined it as one of those word bubbles in a comic strip, something revealing some sort of message.

after a while though, i wanted the big guy to stand out more, so i covered a bunch of things up again, and redefined it all so it seems like there's some sort of feathered hat on his head.

the entire process was really fun and revealing. i know this painting still isn't complete, but i haven't started working on it since i got home. it's sitting up in the corner of my studio, just waiting for that moment of inspiration!


there's a little interview with me right over here!

and a HUGE thank you to everyone who has already signed up for my 
HOW TO PAINT AN OWL E-Course! I am so excited for class to start! the early bird sale continues all this week!


  1. Ooh that looks such fun! I only discovered Jesse's work a week or so ago when I saw a link to a YouTube video. I was instantly hooked! How great to take a class with him.

  2. wonderful, love the process!!!
    One of my favorite things to start a paintig is discovering within the colors :)

  3. How fabulous to take a class with Jesse REno!!!

  4. It is so fun to see the progress of your paintings. I loved getting to see these in person.


  5. it was an awesome process!

    and so wonderful to be in the studio with so many amazing people! (fabulous to meet you too, lorrie!)

  6. What a coincidence, Just this minute I was looking at Beth Nicolls paintings from that class. Guess you were in there together!

  7. love this post juliette! xo mary ann

  8. oh how fun. i love seeing how you create those layers and how you work to finish. i am so happy you got to take his workshop. were you in there with my friend mindy?

  9. It was so much fun taking this class with you - loved watching your lovely little creatures emerge out of the layers

  10. yes... me, mindy, beth and so many awesome people in the class :)

  11. thanks for showing ur jesse reno class process! ur interview was very lovely.

  12. What a fun process! I'm such a big fan of Jesse Reno. Great post!

  13. Looks like you had fun! :) Love what came out.

  14. Nice meeting you! I love seeing your pics. (I sat behind you in class)

  15. I took Jesse's class in October and completely loved it. I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate his techniques into my own style. I love what he does.


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