super good news + vacation part 2!

sticki picki photo booth, irvine ca.

before i share with you my newest super good news, i just have to show you these photos! 

this one is from a photo booth shoot we did at this place called the sticki picki in irvine ca.

you jump into this photo booth and take your shots, then add all of these crazy words and bubbly bright images and backgrounds! then it all prints out onto this little postcard sized sticker card!  so much fun!

the side door, corona del mar, ca.

we ate a lot of really amazing food on vacation. but one of our favorites was at this place in corona del mar called the side door! they seriously had one of the best cheese plates we've ever had! and it's this adorable little pub where we sat at our own table right beside a fireplace!

and of course, the beach was amazing too! i just loved all of those rock formations that created tide pools when the tide went out!

shop windows, corona del mar, ca.

and i was totally in awe with these shop windows on the main street in corona del mar. i think i just might need a chandelier...

but one of our favorite spots on vacation, turned out to be our own private balcony! we moved the sofa chairs outside so we could read in the sunshine and watch the stars at night! completely amazing!

somerset studio gallery

and now for my newest good news...

my artwork will be in Somerset Studio Gallery's Summer 2011 issue! 

i am so thrilled about this! especially because the art that will be published is some of the first pieces I created featured my paintings last year! i just happened to add them in with my big box submission of originals last summer!

THANK YOU! thank you! everyone for all of your incredible encouragement and support! i just can hardly believe my art is getting published! and i cannot wait to see it in this gorgeous magazine!!!


  1. thanks for the little mini vacation you've taken us on with your photos (even if for just a few minutes I could pretend to be on the beach...). and MANY CONGRATULATIONS on the publication.

  2. yay! so exciting...can't wait to see it!

  3. well done. Enjoy and continue to celebrate all your achievements.

  4. That's wonderful Juliette. It's so exciting to have your work in the Somerset Studio magazines. I love your work so I'm not surprised at all. Congrats!

  5. What a wonderful vacation you must have had!
    How exciting for you Juliette!! You have arrived! Congrats!!!! It is time for everyone to see your goodness!!!

  6. Juliette,
    Congrats! How wonderful for you. 2011 is off to a fantastic start, very exciting and so many yet-to-be discovered opportunities...woo hoot!

  7. Congratulaions! Such wonderfulness! ♥Kathy

  8. Fabulous news - I'm so excited for you!!

  9. ~juliette...thank you for sharing a bit of your beautiful sunny vacation days with us...makes me long to be somewhere warm and peaceful!!! as for the photobooth adventure...gotta love it! every year in the fall we go to our county fair and hop in a booth...its fun to look back over the years and see the changes we have all gone through!!!

    congrats to you on being featured in somerset...a wonderful milestone that is truly deserved...may the door continue to open in wondrous ways for you...be well and much love light and blessings be with you and yours~

  10. congrats! that is super good news!

  11. Oh Oh OH OH! Sooo happy for you. Your work is amazing. You so deserve it! Whew, what good news. That vacation looks like it was really nice and fun. I'm glad you got to sit at your own table by the fireplace. It would be awkward to share a table I think. HeHe! xoxo Super happy for you! :)


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