summerland cottage studio, laguna beach california

paulette's home - summerland cottage studio

while in california on vacation, i was lucky enough to meet up with two lovely ladies i've met through the blogging world -- paulette of summerland cottage studio and julie nutting. i wish i could sit and chat with these two every day for tea by the sea...

paulette's home - summerland cottage studio

just looking at these photos makes me feel like i'm wearing a white linen summer-dress and red sandals! 

paulette's cottage is just amazing! she was so welcoming and it was so nice to sit and talk about and look at art all together! every single space is filled with her gorgeous work!    

artwork by julie nutting

and i finally got to see julie nutting's artwork in-person! she creates these beautiful girls from cut papers and collage. she's even teaching classes  + coming out with a book soon too! 

she's been really helpful to me this last year, answering lots of questions and i am so happy we met! and then she introduced me to paulette!

anthropologie window, fashion island. newport beach, california.

and then (as if there needed to be more) ... paulette mentioned this window display at anthropologie! i love all of the layers and layers! and the peachy-pinks with the midnight blue backdrop! i stood here and took loads of photos, wishing i owned these dresses! i would totally wear them, barefoot, for any dinner party!

thank you so much for such a wonderful afternoon julie and paulette! i miss you already!


i have so many more California photos to share with you all this week! 

plus, i just taught my latest HOW TO PAINT AN OWL WORKSHOP (next one is scheduled for March 19) and i can't even say how honored i am to work with so many wonderful people! i'll be posting photos from that event soon too!

also, i'll be attending an artful journey all next week! so my etsy shop will be closed from February 13-25. If there is anything you need, please purchase it by this Wednesday, February 9 to be sure it gets to you in the time you need, thank you!


  1. It was so nice meeting you after a year of facebook and blogging. You are so focused and just an inspiration to be around! Let me know if you need anything next week...i'm just 5 minutes away!

  2. Juliette,

    You were a delight and a pleasure !
    The perfect diversion from a crazy busy work week and just what I needed.
    I am so pleased you made it by Antro to see the "wire hanger" dresses.
    It was after meeting you and while we were visiting that it came to mind.
    In my mind it was the similarity of the peachy-pink coloring, femininity and beauty you both seemed to have in common.

    All best wishes until we meet again,

  3. thanx for this post, i had not seen julie nuttings ladies b4. really very beautiful. you are doing such wonderful work. happy owling.

  4. Love Julie Nutting's beautiful work!
    The window display is just gorgeous too!

  5. Looks like a wonderful trip for sure..I just love Laguna! I have seen Julie's girls in several magazines and I am sure they are gorgeous in person. So pretty! :)

  6. J'aime beaucoup l'ensemble de votre travail... Bravo!


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