sketching with misty mawn

i'm taking this online mixed media art workshop (stretching within) with the lovely misty mawn. and this week we're focusing on drawing. 

i'm loving it! i haven't pulled out my charcoal pencils and sharpener in ages! and i'm seriously learning/remembering a ton about lines and shading and feeling like i'm developing a whole new way of seeing again!

at first, i pulled out my sketchbook and drew this still life. it was what just so happened to be sitting right beside me. very safe. and very detached from me, so i felt confident in drawing again. 

i remembered my highschool art classes-how the giant still life was set up at the center of the classroom-always. our teacher had old boots hidden within there, a washboard and loads of fun things! but it didn't give you much of an opportunity to pull from within.

once i felt more comfortable with my sketching and my lines loosened up a bit, i drew this little fellow. he's definitely a weird guy and i wonder why he's looking over his shoulder, right past that beautiful blooming flower. 

that's one of the things i love about painting and drawing (and writing too)... there's always a bit of a subconscious quality that comes to life. and i find if you just go with it and don't think about what you're creating, then when you finally take a step back magic happens! and you often see you've told yourself a good little story.

eda and ana

i still haven't realized the entire story behind this sketch. as soon as i finished though, i knew they were eda and ana.

i began wanting to draw a couple walking hand in hand together. but the more i look at them, there seems to be two holding one another up or one protecting the other or perhaps leading the other along as though they were characters in a mystery novel.

i just love the stories that come out of creating and i cannot wait to keep on sketching!


  1. Oh my, they are cute even in pencil! You are such a good student. I need to work more on my sketches!

  2. Holy cow Juliette! You are so very TALENTED!

  3. thank you so much! i love having homework assignments :)

  4. Oh I love your sketches. They are fab!

    I graduated from an art college and the problem was that everything we did was from life. We never got to use our imaginations and draw from within.

    I have huge problems doing that because I was trained not too.

    I am going to have to look into misty mawn's class. It seems like something I could really benefit from.

    Thank you for posting about it, and thank you for posting your sketches. They made me smile!!

  5. your sketches are so cute. i need to sketch more as well. what nay said is true for me, and i have never known why i needed to look at something to paint. my daughter is in high school and has always been inventive and never looked at things to draw...and in her art class right now they are telling her she needs to look and draw from life. uh oh. i think i need misty's class as well.

  6. digging your sketches!

    you are one inspiring chickie!!!

    and eda and ana....LOVE!


  7. I so love the line quality of your sketches... beautiful.


  8. Juliette, thanks for documenting your story with your sketches. I've loved how intuitive the process is and not pre-determining what comes out on the paper. Somehow what comes out just wants to be what it is... and I LOVE that. It really does take the pressure off.

    I'm so glad to be in your company through this course...

  9. Lovely drawings! I like the lines your making.

  10. Recently having started teaching art in school I felt like I should start sketching again too. I'm loving it even though I find it difficult to concentrate so hard. Your sketches are adorable. I have awarded you a stylish blog award I hope you can play along.

  11. you are so wonderful.
    so so talented... U are amazing.. love your sketches.. how are u enjoying the big dreams small wonders class? I am loving it!
    hugs bonnierose

  12. Seeing your sketches in pencil makes me think of how adorable your owls would look as rubber stamps. You are rocking these drawings Juliette. I also LOVE the collection of cups and teapots you have on flikr set. I plan to post some of mine tomorrow. It's been a long week. xo

  13. very cute. they look like they are snuggling. love it.


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