a studio makeover!


the key word here is SPACE! i've been longing for more of it in my life in all sorts of ways-- scheduling less so I've more time for random events and nothingness, cleaning out closets, going through digital detox and spending less time on my computer. but i didn't realize just how much i was craving actual FLOOR SPACE!

if you remember, i had my painting tables in the center of my studio, right under the window. this was the messy, have fun, throw paint around side...

and then there was the space against the wall for all of my keep-it-clean printing and packaging and shop supplies. just looking at this photo makes me feel boxed in!

so, i moved the clean part of my studio into a room all it's own!

well, it actually all fits right into this giant closet! i added a few hanging shoe racks to keep all of the mailers and packaging supplies organized, along with postcards and business cards that go into each package. 

along the top (which you can't see here) is another shelf for my extra special tissue paper, paper for prints and clear bags too!

and it all fits behind this closed door when i'm not using it. i love that!

so now, my painting tables can take up the entire spot where all of the clean stuff used to be (and i don't have to worry about splattering paint)! 

i'd so been missing painting outdoors in the backyard and spreading out all of my paints and canvases in the grass. and not only do i have my painting tables now...

but i made room for all of this floor space and my easel that i haven't stood up in years! 

yes, this table is crazy messy, but it's actually organized (if you can believe it)! i've got a spot for everything! plus, i took the cart on wheels that i filled with supplies to take outside during summertime, and used it to store all of my spray paint.

AND there's lots of space to write all of my ideas down on these giant sheets of newsprint and then hang them on the closet doors!

i really just spread all of my art out on the floor and feel like a little kid. i could dance in this room now! so much SPACE and FREEDOM! a studio makeover was just what i needed!


ps. see that little elephant up there on the easel? i'm loving how he turned out and will share all of the in-progress shots along with the finished painting with you next week!

pps. in case you missed monday's note, i'll be sending out my next monthly newsletter on friday! if you're feeling so inclined, sign up right here! there most definitely will be a coupon included!

ppps. more old studio photos here! for the most part, i didn't even need to touch the inside of the closets. as a creative person who loves to make a mess but can't stand losing my supplies, organization is key!


  1. hello!
    how wonderful for you to get your studio just how you want it.
    I look forward to seeing the new creations you paint now that you feel so much more freedom!
    and that elephant is just lovely!

  2. Ah space. So cleansing and freeing.
    Lovin' the little elephant!

  3. im always inspired by artist's spaces. its really sacred and i can feel how happy u r to have it! BUT i have to ask...how do you keep those beautiful floors from getting paint on them?! ;-)

  4. Hi Juliette! Great space for creative work. Enjoy! Thanks for sharing, lots of great ideas. It's always fun seeing other studios.

  5. the floors, the walls, pretty much everything definitely has paint all over them! acrylics clean up (pretty) easily with scrubbing and water... a small price to pay for lots and lots of painting time!

    thank you for your kind comments!
    xo, juliette

  6. i love it! so happy for you! and i just might have to borrow your idea of the hanging shoe organizer. genius idea! ;)

  7. the shoe organizers work so well! very inexpensive, take up little room when you're not using them, AND when i moved one into my new closet (which is a bit shorter) i just folded down the bottom and it fit the new space perfectly!

  8. A room of one's own for creativity. Love it! Someday I will have one, too.


  9. i love your new revamped space. oh the midwest...doesn't allow us to paint outside in the winter, but you have that big window to gaze out when you need to! hubby just set up an antique shipping desk for me outside my studio..i'm in cali still so i can't wait to get home and see it! my little particle board one just didn't have any flair to it;-)
    have fun, paint something for me, as much as i'm happy to be with family right now, i'm having studio withdrawals!

    and thanks for you kind comment on my blog. xo

  10. Wonderful redo! Ahhh floor space. I am longing for a studio door. And definitely a little more space. You definitely have me thinking about how I might make this little studio into something a little bigger. Congrats! Injoy creating!

  11. Clearing space is so liberating! Especially an artistic space that needs more floor space :) I tend to spread out, with the floor generating the most messy of messes.

    Love the new space and love knowing your creative spirit will soar even more!!

  12. That looks great! I'll be getting a new studio in a month or so when our home renovation is done. I just can't wait. I'm toying with putting my work table right in the middle of the room so I can look into the rest of the house and see what the kids are doing. But who knows? I'll probably change the arrangement a few times before I'm done!

  13. Isn't it wonderful having room to work?!

  14. I love seeing peoples' work spaces! This is lovley. Do you work on several paintings at once? Your painting table looks like it would be so much fun to work at!

  15. i always have a few paintings going at once, sara. but i usually have to finish them within a week or i completely lose the original energy i started with and end up painting an entirely new piece rather than working with what i've already started :)

  16. Oh my gosh, it always gives me the "warm fuzzies" when things get organized. I love the little elephant. SO cute! :)

  17. I love that you have SO much space. It is really great! Thanks for sharing. I love seeing art studios.

  18. Yeahhhhh congrats on your new studio....it looks fun and well used already:D

  19. Yay for reorganized space! Looks good, I'm needing to do the same thing. I'll be moving down to the 1st floor flat this Spring after the tenants move out and will create a new studio space for myself. Now that I've been painting for a full year, I have a better sense of how I want the space to be.
    The elephant is adorable! And the large pieces of paper on the wall for notes, etc, love that! Will be borrowing that idea from you, thanks for the post.

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