art shows, an opening + lots of love!

i have two art shows up right now! and i'm super excited to announce another upcoming art exhibit in january! this one even has a little opening, so i hope you can make it!

Opening Jan 7, 5-9PM
January-Feb 1, 2011
2322 Atwood Ave
Madison, WI

here are a few photos from my exhibit at the whole foods cafe...

i didn't have time to scan some of these new paintings like my elephant with gold toes, so come feb 1st i'll have quite a few new prints in the shop!

i have a few plans in the works for new spring art shows too!

and am excited to see just where these pieces will hang next!

holiday ornaments by juliette crane

in the meantime, remember my holiday ornaments? well, i sent out my december newsletter... 

holiday ornaments by becky sakovitch

and becky was so inspired by the idea, she made her own gorgeous ornaments too!

i was completely blown away! it's so fun to have an idea and then have someone else be inspired to take it in their own direction and start creating too!

TITLE: Sisters. Prints available in my etsy shop.

and another thing that's amazing me... that people have my artwork hanging in their homes around the world! 

i just got these photos from the lovely dana sparkle in Australia... and not only am i incredibly flattered that her bff Paula gifted her with one of my prints for her birthday!

but that my SISTERS print is now framed and hanging on her gallery wall along with some beautiful photos and kelly rae roberts' artwork! 

i cannot even say how happy that all makes me! i'm just totally smiling as wide as can be over here! 


ps. because my upcoming exhibit at ABSOLUTELY ART is a gallery show, i'll be taking down my originals from my online etsy shop. so, if there are any paintings you're interested in, please let me know by 
december 30!


  1. Congrats on your shows! :) I'm so excited for you. Happy hollidays to you! :)

  2. All so wonderful--smiles for you this morning!

  3. Gorgeous as always! The elephant is fantastic!

  4. Hope you make lots of sales!! Loved readiing your article in Somerset studio.

  5. Oh my! How swiftly and good things are going for you. Congrats. I'm so happy for you.

  6. yes...what everyone says....you are off to an amazing year!

  7. thank you so much!

    i'm so happy you got to read my article in somerset, janet!

  8. So wonderfully deserved :) And I know this is only the beginning of the magic that will follow in 2011! x

  9. Wow! All so beautiful!

  10. Juliete, this is wonderful. How amazing your art looks on the wall at the cafe! Everyone can see it up close. I would love to come to your gallery opening too. I'll have to mapquest it. WI isn't too far away from this MN girl! xo to you, the new year is going to continue to bring amazing things your way! xo

  11. congratulations, SO exciting. I cant wait to see what next year brings for you.

  12. Congratulations on your shows you have been soooo busy, your paintings look so fantastic on the wall together and so nice to see your work on someone else's wall too, so exciting!

    Happy New Year to you xoxoxo

  13. I so wish I was local so I could come to your art show... CONGRATULATIONS! And I am so pleased to have been a lucky recipient of one of your Christmas ornaments :-) Not only because you're becoming all famous... but because she is SO lovely.

  14. Your pieces look so great! Congratulations!

    i am smiling so much to see this post.
    you & hubbie are the cutest for sharing your little trip.
    seeing my wall with your sisters is super fun.
    heres to an amazing 2011...


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