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TITLE: The Original Painting + Prints available in my etsy shop.

forever, i've been wondering why i'm just obsessed with painting my owls. and the other day i woke up from a dream and knew why. if you caught last week's home tour, you'll notice pretty much everything in our house has a story.

i just LOVE things with history and i so enjoy creating art that i can put my story into and then pass on to others, where a new story for each piece begins. the pieces in our house i adore the most, are the things i grew up with-the coffee table that my parent's got as a wedding gift, the stained glass windows my mom found at an antique shop, and the nestle clock with the moon my mom received for baking so many chocolate chip cookies.

well, when i woke up the other morning i remembered a piece i always loved, but don't have-a wood carved statue of an owl!

as a kid, the statue stood as big as me! and it had these incredible marble eyes that made it look alive! the story is that this statue was lost during a move along with a pool cue. i didn't realize until now, just how much that owl meant to me. 

then i remembered an owl i do have! this may not look like an owl to you, but growing up, my mom always had this wall hanging around and i ALWAYS took it to be an owl.

so many people ask me, "what's your connection to owls?" and NOW i see it! it's like these owls have been waiting for me to get to a point where i recognize their importance in my life.

  TITLE: The Original Painting + Prints available in my etsy shop.

this owl painting took a lot of covering and uncovering to get at what you see. i was still playing with my idea of having characters without outlines and having fun blurring together her face and feathers. at one point the background was bright red. then, during my photo shoot, i used it as a piece to paint for a few action shots. i basically used stencils and just spray painted all over. that's why you see the red showing through the dark sky and a bit of navy on her face. 

i really love just how much SHE STANDS OUT.


ps. CONGRATULATIONS to the lovely Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy! She won my giveaway on choosing beauty for a print of her choice! thank you so much to everyone for all of your kindness and support!

pps. i've been loving documenting my painting process, so on Wednesday i'll be posting a new painting with photos from start to finish!


  1. I totally see the owl in your tapestry.

    Isn't it funny the things you become attached to as a child and the ones that bring strong enough memories that you want to replicate them in your art.

    She's beautiful and I love her story.

  2. She certainly does stand out. Cute little snowy owl. Love the fact you shared the back story. Yup and I see the owl in the tapestry too!

  3. What a wonderful post! I totally see the owl in the tapestry also! I am also sentimental about things I grew up with. I have a special connection with owls also. I bet a lot of people that were born in the 70s and early 80s do... They are such soulful creatures! I think every home should have at least one owl. Your painting is beautiful! She looks so cuddly. :)

  4. I Love your owl..!..I see you like the Power of Now....Its my favorite book..!

  5. As always wonderful work and inspiring post. You are such an inspiration for me. :)

  6. Sharing your story is such an important part of your art and thank you for sharing. Your newest owl is just lovely. My grandma loved owls as they are the symbol of wisdom. Happy week ahead...

  7. She does stand out, and she is beautiful! It's wonderful to feel the rich history in heirlooms and treasures from loved ones.

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this owl! She's soft and beautiful and ethereal... almost wintery...

  9. juliette, i love your story about your obsession with owls. you are truly an artist and it's so fun to see and read how and why you've created your art.
    i can't wait to see your next post!

  10. i love that you figured out your early connection to owls. i'm like this with music boxes. i have the one i remember my grandmother having at her house and she would always let me wind it up. now i've got my own collection, and hers is the most prized!

  11. i looooove your illuminated owl!
    & how you've related the owl to you...
    clearly you are BEAUTIFUL. xox

  12. Another great piece and I totally can see an owl in that wall piece as well.

    Thanks sooo much for giving a print away on Choosing Beauty, I am so excited to have won...I chose the 'Hope' print and have a frame and space on the wall ready for it when it arrives...I will cherish and find inspiration in it always:D

    XO Mandy

    p.s. thanks for the link back as well lovely Juliette...I am so glad we've crossed paths in the big blogosphere:D


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