on whirlwinds, gratitude + a new painting!

 TITLE: Mystic Heart. The Original Mixed Media Painting + Prints available in my etsy shop.

i cannot wait to share with you all of the new paintings i created last week! but first, i have to tell you all about my incredible OPEN ART STUDIOS weekend!

sometimes i look back on things and say, "how on earth did i ever do that?" hosting open art studios last weekend meant an art opening on friday night and having our home open to the public for the weekend. i had no idea what to expect and it all turned out to be so wonderful + a great learning experience.

i had this initial idea that i wanted to participate in open art studios because it meant having an opening at one of the big gallery spaces around town. but what i found was i loved gathering at my home with family and friends so much more! and i had some incredible visitors-neighbors and new friends-i never expected! that all became the highlight for me!

and now i'm finally celebrating all of the hard work that went into the preparation. plus, all of the hard work that went into writing my article for somerset! yes, i hit two milestones last week and submitted my very first published article (which will be out in print in the jan/feb issue of somerset studio) AND i had my first local "gallery" opening and hosted my first open art studios event at my home! amazing!

thank goodness i am lucky enough to have had a ton of help and support! brian was the absolute sweetest. he not only helped me grab mums from the flower shop,

 go apple picking for the best apples

and cider for our guests...

AND the cutest pumpkins for our front porch...

but he also set up our tv and one of those digital picture frames to flip through my artwork when guests arrived for open art studios! it was a fabulous way for guests to see everything! and, while i was showing lots and lots of people through my studio, brian was answering questions and making sure everyone had whatever they needed.

i should also mention that we cleaned our entire home like never before! and i just happened to snap a few photos that i'll be sharing with you next week. along with all of the paintings i created last week and didn't even have a chance to photograph and post!

 TITLE: Mystic Heart. The Original 10x10 inch Mixed Media Painting + Prints available in my etsy shop.

this one is my absolute favorite, MYSTIC HEART. It's all about having the courage to express yourself and tell the story that only you can tell, knowing you deserve to materialize all of the kindness and passion you feel inside.

i met so many amazing people this weekend, so many following their hearts and realizing their dreams. and while it's been crazy busy these last few weeks, i cannot say how very thankful i am for all of your support and encouragement! your sweet comments and kindness always keep me motivated! and i could not have done it all last week without you too! i am so very grateful, grateful, grateful for it all!



  1. Congrats on the article and soo glad your open studio went great:O)

  2. I so loved reading this post! How exciting to have an open art studio. And to look forward to getting published in a magazine is beyond awesome. I am looking forward to some of your pictures of your open studio night.



  3. Dear Juliette, Congrats on both the open studio success and your upcoming Somerset! Can't wait to see you in print~ You are very blessed this fall & I am so happy for you! xo ~Theresa

  4. I love all the dark & rich colors in this one.


  5. Congrats on all the wonderful things happening to you! sounds like you had an amazing experience with your open art studio
    and congrats on the upcoming Somerset article!
    don't you love it when everything works out beautifully?

  6. It sounds like it was such a lovely time! I love the warm color palette in this new painting. Cheers!

  7. thank you, everyone! i can't wait to share with you a few of my photos :)

  8. Wow, that sounds like a super duper successful week...congrats on it all. This newest painting is one of my favourites, can't wait to see the rest and the photos of your home, yayyy Juliette:D

  9. What a grand weekend. I am looking forward to your photo's and to reading your article in Somerset. Dreams do come true...you are proof. :)

  10. Congratulations on all of your wonderful happenings... It sounds like loads of fun and I'm glad you're taking time to enjoy the journey :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing more photos!

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  12. my first spam ad comment. now deleted. thanks, samual :)

    THANK YOU so much everyone! for all of your super kind feedback :)

  13. what a wonderful thing you have done. food for thought for me on my continent. i have not heard of this before with artists, gardens, yes.... will have to look into this in my community.
    your work is really shining brightly with spirit and joy.
    thanks for sharing...

  14. Love this piece Juliette!! Glad to hear your event was a success! :)


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