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Our Wedding Reception, Door County WI 2005

a few weeks ago Brian + I celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary! things have been so very busy around here, i didn't even have a chance to post about it.

the day of our anniversary, we decided to do a little something of what we both like and went for dinner at my all-time favorite local restaurant and afterward headed next door to see the lovely katie powderly play with her band the kentucky waterfalls!

katie even dedicated a song to us and then made us both blush on our way out as she stopped mid-song to say goodnight. there's just something about being called "lovebirds" in front of a whole room of people that really makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

still dating, chicago

but i'd say our how we met story is just about one of my favorite stories of all.
Brian + I went to highschool together, but never dated. i always had a crush on him, but the opportunity just never fit for us to be together. until we remet in chicago, seven years later. he moved in with a few of our mutual friends and i was looking for a new city to relight my life and chicago became it.

 home for thanksgiving, on a roadtrip to holy hill, WI

i was living outside milwaukee, working as a freelance photographer for the local arts paper, and i remember sitting outside a starbucks when brian called.

i hadn't really talked to him in seven years. but i'd known his story through mutual friends. so when he asked if i wanted to go and see the white stripes show with him in detroit the next day, i said yes!

staying at his parents' house + brushing our teeth together in the morning.

he'd gotten the white stripes tickets and planned to go to the show with his roommates. but, as the story goes, they'd gone up to milwaukee the day before to see the show. so brian was left with this extra ticket and no ride.

now i have to say, i know exactly what i wore to that show. and i maybe blushed at dinner when the waiter totally teased us for not being together. but the timing still wasn't right.

yet that roadtrip definitely made up my mind for what city i should end up in. and a month later i moved to chicago.

engaged in florence, italy. 2004

not long after that, we watched the princess bride together. and you just can't watch that film without falling in love.

and one happy year later, he took me to florence, italy and proposed in front of michelangelo's statue of david.

 Photo courtesy of Jacquelyn Muskatevc

like i said... the LUCKIEST girl in the world! i am just so so happy that he chose me and i chose him and that we are together after all of these years!


  1. Happy Anniversary. What a wonderful story of love. Gorgeous couple :)
    I love his arm pumped up in the wedding shot! That's awesome! He looks so happy and proud.

  2. congratulations.
    what a wonderful post.
    thanx for sharing.
    may you have 50 years more....

  3. Congratulations on Happily Ever After!!! :) xo

  4. What a lovely and adorable story! You both looks so happy in all the pics. Happy Anniversary!

  5. What a sweet love story, and so much more to come! Congrats on your 5-year anniversary! I have such lovely memories of your wedding.

  6. Happy five years...and three weeks!!


  7. Happy Anniversary, you lovebirds, you!♥

  8. Awww... Happy anniversary! ♥

  9. Happy Anniversary - you two make the cutest couple! I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

  10. happy anniversary! that is the cutest story ever! we love that movie too...true love is a beautiful thing!

  11. Happy happy anniversary!! You guys make the cutest couple and im loving your cute story too!! Have a lovely merry happy celebration and lots of love to you and yours!

  12. lovely story, beautiful couple. may you have many many more happy years together!


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