a few things i am crazy thankful for

there's a lot for me to be thankful for right now. my best friend is doing so well and on her way to recovering fully from surgery (THANK YOU so much for all of your kind wishes!). her healing has really made me appreciate absolutely everything going on in my life right now. so much so that i realized i haven't taken a moment to sit back with a cup of tea and really honor all of this good news.

TITLE: Fresh from the Ocean. Prints available in my etsy shop.

 i was lucky enough to meet with someone last week about exhibiting my art at a local restaurant and ended up hanging an entire show at their brand new coffee + bakehouse last weekend! i'd love for you to stop by! if you're in the area, here's all of the details!

 it's amazing just how quickly things can fall into place. especially once you put your intentions out there. and i cannot tell you how excited i am about this show!

 i mean, it's a completely wonderful space that's now filled with over thirty-five of my paintings! and brian and i work so well together (he was so super sweet to take a sunday afternoon and help me set everything up). it really all went so easily and made me even more excited about the other exhibitions and openings i have coming up later this year!

THEN, i got this wonderful surprise email from someone i totally admire, and we just might be working on a top secret project together very soon! i cannot wait to share all of the details on that with you!

AND i decided to attend my very FIRST art retreat! I am so happy to be going to An Artful Journey next February and just cannot wait to meet so many of the wonderful and amazing people I've been connecting with online. Not to mention all of the artists that will be there that I haven't even met yet!

It took a bit to decide which art retreat to attend, since every single one I read about I wanted to be a part of, but allowing myself to even go on an art retreat took a lot of getting out of my head. Sometimes my mind kicks in and tries to rationalize it all and thinks, "why on earth do you need to go on an art retreat in California?" Ah, because it's an art retreat in California. Of course! And I just cannot wait!

 AND i wanted to introduce you to my super fabulous assistant, stephaine! she is an absolutely amazingly creative lady and an INCREDIBLE photographer! she just so happened to take these lovely profile photos of me, which i cannot even believe!

AND she created these absolutely adorable buttons! if you are feeling so inclined, i'd love it if you shared my little buttons on your blogs. if you need the code for them, check out the sidebar to your left and you will find it! 

and be sure to visit stephanie's website. she's so full of beauty and inspiration! i am so lucky to have her helping me with my creative business!

and i am so crazy thankful for all of these wonderful things!


  1. That is so amazing that you have so much of your beautiful work displayed in that great coffee shop! That's awesome!! Congrats!
    Love the photos your friend took of you!!
    Have a wonderful weekend~

  2. Congratulations! Wonderful news. the photos of you are great too! you look so happy! I love the design of your buttons, too and your new blog look.

  3. Wowie! Great and happy post! Congrats on all your wonderful news. I'm so going to try to make it there!!!!

  4. I ADORE your new profile pictures, they are so beautiful. I cannot wait to meet you at An Artful Journey in February - woohoo and artful sista you are so inspiring with your shows and creativity. So glad your friend is doing okay and have a fantabulous weekend. xx

  5. YAHOO Juliette! SO much goodness and LOVE! I agree with Louise, your new pics are AMAZING! Very excited to meet you at AAJ next February to finally meet in person. So glad that your bestie is doing better. Enjoy this time...xo

  6. WOW! Congrats! I hope every single painting gets a new home while they're hanging at the bakery! Can't wait to hear about the super secret project and the art retreat! The photos look great! Cheers!

  7. Those Pictures are gorgeous! You seem to be having such a good time witn your journey in the creative business. Happiness is showing in your face. Keep following your dreams and Enjoy the Ride!

  8. THANK YOU! thank you so much for your support and encouragement! i can hardly believe everything that's going on right now and so many wonderful things!

    i cannot wait to share more about my secret project too :)

    have a lovely weekend!

  9. I am thrilled to see your creative life blossoming and falling into place. I checked out your show schedule-- that is awesome that your work is going to be shown at the Overture Center. I always love the artwork they show there.Those photos of you...GORGEOUS! You seriously have the best hair ever. That has nothing to do with art, but you should know.


  10. wow--so many good things happening. i hope this is contagious! you deserve it. i can tell how hard you work every day and am always impressed with how much you are able to do. can't wait to hear about the super secret project!

  11. there are some wonderful pairings going on for you right now. you and your assistant, you and the coffehouse exhibit, you and the super top secret collaborator. WELL DONE!

  12. Beautiful photos of you! Congrats again on your showing! 35 paintings in one place--wish I was there! ♥

  13. Such great things happening! Also, you are adorable!

  14. i LOVE all the goodness in this post.....it jumps off the screen at me!!!

    your profile pics are absolutely gor-juss!!! Stephanie did an amazing job!!

    and BIG CONGRATS for all of your beautiful paintings hanging in the coffeehouse! that is sooooo wonderful!!!!


    go out tonight and celebrate sweets!!


  15. Woo hoo! We get to finally meet, Juliette! I'm going to AAJ also. How fun is this going to be?!?!?

    So very happy to hear about your friend's recovery. And so adore your photos and new work. You rock, dahling!!!


  16. CONGRATULATIONS on attending Artful Journey as your FIRST retreat! It was my first retreat and it was a great experience - i just know you're going to LOVE it!! congratulations on the art exhibit too =-)

  17. dearest dear juliette...
    i have obviously missed out on A LOT that is going on in your wonderful life. i am so happy for you. sooooo much goodness going on.
    i went to AAJ last february and it was AMAZING. you will NOT regret it. which class are you going to take. so many talented folks in one gorgeous, inspiring place that you just want to pinch yourself to see if it.s for real.
    i am still trying to figure out my year next year, but i really hope to be able to meet you there.
    and guess what?
    sheez louise sister.
    happyness all around for you.

  18. How exciting!! I love that your paintings are on public display! I'd love to go to a retreat... Maybe one of these days... Congrats on it all!

  19. i'll be taking jesse reno's painting class at aaj. would love to see you there too, chrissy! and thank you :)

  20. I am very happy for you my sweet friend.. really their pictures are stunning!.. your work this so so beautiful one and I am the sure that that art retreat will also be a success.
    God blesses you with a lot of love.

  21. congrats juliette, im so thrilled for your recent successes, your paintings are beautiful xx

  22. Dearest juliette, loving this happy post so much!! CONGRATULATIONS on your sucessful journey!! I am sooo excited for you! You are so beautiful and i LOVE these gorgeous photos lots! Your work is truely inspiring and amazing! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  23. I love your new photos, love that your artwork is hanging up for everyone to see and the smile on your face is sooooooooo lovely! I can't wait to see what other surprises you have in store for us!

  24. Good luck with your show, sure it is fantastic. Happiness to you.

  25. Hi Juliette.
    Very beautiful your painting!
    I was walking around and I loved your blog.

  26. Congratulations on the exhibit/show - that's terrific news! I did notice the wonderful new photos of you - your friend is a great photographer. And the buttons she made are really super cute. Theresa

  27. I love your work and photos! You are an inspiration to this future Etsy seller--congratulations and may you have continued success!

  28. Hi Juliette

    Awesome news all round! And I have just put your lovely print up in my new studio on one of my inspiration boards - see here http://aspecialjourneyofmyown.blogspot.com/2010/08/at-home-welcome-to-my-studio.html

    Come and paint here with me some day!

  29. Dear Juliette,
    How beautiful you and those photos are! Congrats on your show! How awesome! And yay for you to get to attend an art retreat! Can't wait to hear about your secret super project!


  30. Juliette, you are truly inspiring! Thank you! : > May your creativity continue to bring you and others great joy.

  31. You have a lot to be thankful for. Congratulations on your bakehouse show. That sounds like a fun venue to display your art.

  32. Congratulations on the show! And your new pictures are stunning!!


Feel free to say hello and ask questions. I would be delighted to hear from you! xo -juliette

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