These past few weeks, I've been super excited taking Stephanie Fizer's online art business course FLOURISH. It's an e-course for creative people who want to make their creative passion their full-time job. It's been an incredible class and I definitely recommend it to anyone even thinking about following their creative dreams.

I kept all of my class notes in this cute little notebook and decorated one for myself. I am hoping to find more because they are the perfect thing to carry in your pocket or bag for quick notes and to keep track of all of those creative ideas and sketches! Until I find more, I have one of these adorable notebooks left. And I wanted to share it with you!

This item has sold! Thank you so much for your continued support! And stayed tuned, I will do my best to find more of these adorable mini notebooks:)

(SOLD!) MOON BELLY 3 X 4 Inch Hard Cover Mini Lined Pocket Notebook

This tiny notebook is filled with 55 front and back sheets of natural colored, lined paper and has a sturdy back and front hard cover. The front features a high-quality reproduction of my original painting, MOON BELLY that I've covered with decoupage to protect the print from the elements. Along the side, I've added a beautiful piece of gold and red flowered origami paper. And on every page, I have drawn a simple design to add inspiration.


  1. Man, I din't even get a chance did I? Good for you! I love all of your new creations you have in your shop, I haven't had the chance to comment this past weekend! Have a lovely day!

  2. This is just so creative and fun!!

  3. awesome! we are so fortunate to be able to sell our work, it is such a blessing to be rewarded for what we create!

  4. It's adorable! I've been wanting to alter some little journals, but haven't been able to find them... Love it!

  5. That was a dreamy little journal.I invested in a wire binding machine for making journals and calendars...it's easy ! Thanks for your comment on my blog...love yours too! :)

  6. Oh so nice! I love the book and I'll have to go check out that course. Thanks for sharing!

  7. so sweet...just love it!

    and i am most certainly going to have to check out this e-course you took...sounds like something that may really help me put one foot in front of the other for my creative journey!!


  8. That course sounds great..maybe if I have time I will check it out...I love Stephanie's work..!


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