BLISS - A New Mixed Media Owl Painting

BLISS. Original (SOLD).
Prints available in my etsy shop.

There are times when all I want to do is paint an owl.

I have so much fun embellishing these little guys, that it just gets me back into having fun with my paintings again. So, if ever I start to get a little frustrated with my artwork (which generally happens whenever I'm pushing myself and trying something new)... I go back to painting an owl.

Once I am having fun painting again, then I feel more confident to experiment with  new characters. But sometimes it just takes a little bit of what I'm most comfortable with to get there.

BLISS. Original (SOLD).
Prints available in my etsy shop.

This white owl is all about taking calm, rest assured that in heart, the truth is known and from there follows BLISS.


ps. If you'd like to learn the simple shapes to paint your own owls, watch a little video and find my owl painting courses here.

pps. My newest class SERENDIPITY just started. If you're interested in painting lots of different characters the entire year, find details and register here.

ppps. I cannot wait for the Lucky Star art retreat in Texas this October 9-13! 

Registration closes September 30. Find all of the fun and details here.


Feel free to say hello and ask questions. I would be delighted to hear from you! xo -juliette

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