NEW Painting & The Importance of Showing Up

Original Painting on Canvas Board. 11 x 14" available here.
Prints Available in my etsy shop

these last few paintings have been a test for me to not be afraid to paint something ugly or too bizarre.

i push myself to create something new in my artwork and to follow what pops out most at me.

i wasn't sure where these new paintings would lead, but i knew they were characters i just had to get out. and i knew i had to trust the process and continue to show up and paint.

this painting started as another girl i created in my friend mindy lacefield's true free spirit class. 

i had so much fun painting and layering the background. then when it got time to add my character, i froze up. and painted something cute and pretty. that was a wonderful place to begin, but it didn't feel right. 

it was a first layer with a story to tell. and i knew i had to cover her up and define everything again.

i added a few more layers of bleeeding art tissue paper and white acrylic paint.

and then this girl emerged. i hated her a million times more than the first girl. but she revealed something new in all of that bright colored paper.

so i covered up what i didn't like...

Original Painting on Canvas Board. 11 x 14" available here.
Prints Available in my etsy shop

i made sure to keep what i was loving... the pink and orange body area with the white shiva paintstick streaks and the wings filled with poetry.

then i went back to using my favorite colors (turquoise blue and hot pink) and my favorite art supplies (india ink, foam brushes and my new shiva oil paint sticks).

from there, this crazy, square- faced character emerged. he's so wild and organic and new, i fell in love with him. i can see him in a story, just waiting to speak and say...

when it seems things just are not going right, have faith that in the end, everything will work out. just LET IT BE.


ps. i am so excited to have just finished the design for my new website! i've been working for weeks to put the finishing touches on the redesign with my lovely husband, brian. 

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pps. i am so honored to be featured in Brava magazine's Women To Watch issue...read the interview here on page 58.


  1. I love the color and texture you get in your paintings!

    1. thanks! there are quite a few layers in this piece :)

  2. I know I've said this before-I really love watching your process. At some point I will sit down and play like you do!

  3. I'm in love, with the painting and the name! :)

  4. Love the painting -nothing wrong with the ugly! Its great to see the transformation from one stage to the next. I am afraid to cover what I have done - but I shall try it if stuck. I used to make cloth dolls and just loved the primitive grungy ugly ones - I'd love to get that into my paintings too - one day.. Thanks for sharing...

  5. hi juliette

    i love these paintings, not ugly in my eyes one bit...
    Well done

    driveway paving hornchurch

  6. Wonderful article and just what I needed to be reminded of today. Thanks so much. ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. your painting is awsome and very expressive and never never ugly!

  8. Love the story. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I said this before but I love your artistic process and the way you change your painting so many times before the end result. All the layers look just great at the end. Love it!


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