With Faith, Hold On- a NEW painting

Original Painting. 11 x 14" on Canvas Board. $145. Available here.
Prints available in my etsy shop.

this bunny was one that took lots of layers to come into character.

i had been painting her as one of the projects i teach in my HOW TO CREATE WHIMSICAL ANIMALS online course. from the beginning i had sketched a whimsical rabbit. but for a while, i couldn't get the background right.

there had been a little owl over her shoulder and lots of other layers.

then finally she got this great red and white dotted collar and came to life.

Original Painting. 11 x 14" on Canvas Board. $145. Available here.
Prints available in my etsy shop.

this rabbit has huddled together all she needs to stay warm and move on, knowing that it can be difficult to stay strong, but WITH FAITH, HOLD ON.

see part of the process in this HOW TO CREATE WHIMSICAL ANIMALS promo video... i hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Love your backgrounds, too! Nice and so Sweet!

  2. loooooooooove!!!!!!!!!
    hugs to your painted dearheart!!!!!
    (and happy thanksgiving)


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