7 Things That Are Making Me Smile


dessert for breakfast,

sunrise smoothies (orange juice, strawberries & banana),

umbrellas big enough to keep my art supplies from melting when i paint outside,

giant pink hibiscus flowers,

bumper stickers,

and sunsets.


ps. i am SO EXCITED about my newest online painting workshop...HOW TO CREATE WHIMSICAL ANIMALS! registration opens next week & class begins in September! sign up for my newsletter to get details and be the first to know when registration opens.

i can't wait to paint whimsical animals with you!


  1. Lovely things! And your new workshop sounds wonderful as well!
    Great bumper sticker too:D


  2. I love the little things that turn out to be the big things :) Lovely blog!

  3. All lovely pictures, but the flower and sunset are gorgeous. I wish I could be see there to see the sun setting over the water like that.

  4. your blogpost make me smile :) Thank you ♥


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