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I started my weekly blog series CREATIVE SUGAR  to promote positivity and provide a platform for everyone to share their unique stories, knowledge and experiences, showcasing the beauty, connection, and inspiration that exists in our every day.

As soon as I started CREATIVE SUGAR, I knew I wanted to introduce you to Toan Lam and the really wonderful and important work he's doing!

Toan and I were introduced by the lovely Fiona Pattison and met during an interview we did for his Tea with Toan series over on Go Inspire Goand we instantly bonded over our love of tea, inspiration and storytelling. 

Toan is the chief inspirator behind Go Inspire Go, a multimedia platform that that uses social networking to inspire social change, encouraging viewers to use their powers -- resources, talents and network -- to help others. GIG features inspirational, character-driven stories, about "regular people" who do small acts that ripple out to BIG changes. 

Toan Lam
Chief “Inspirator” of GoInspireGo.com
San Francisco, CA

What’s the greatest advice you’ve been given? 
Wow, that’s a hard one. I’ve been blessed with personal and professional mentors. Perhaps the wisest advice I’ve received was from my late aunt Hong – she told me not to let what others think or say define who I am or affect how I feel. Don’t give them that power! 

I remember people used to honk at her slow driving a lot. Many even cursed at her and flipped the bird while honking. Little did they know that she was battling cancer and just took extra time doing everything, including driving slower. So the next time you honk or judge someone, think about Auntie Hong, or anyone struggling with something in their lives and look at everyone as though they were that person. Be kind to one another and don’t let what others think, say and do make you feel less or more of who YOU really are.

What’s some not-so-great advice you’ve been given? 
There’s so many things I’ve had to un-learn as an adult. The worst advice Ive gotten was to take a TV job that included a big title and big paycheck. I would’ve been so miserable if I would have listened to my head (and the person’s advice) instead of my heart. 

Instead, I decided to pursue my life’s passion – GoInspireGo.com

Any tips and words of wisdom you’d like to share? 
Break the rules if something isn’t authentically who you are. Follow your internal compass, or your gut feeling – it will never fail you!

Watch some of GIG's important work...and head over to GoInspireGo for even more inspiration!


Join me on my blog every Tuesday for CREATIVE SUGAR, adding a little extra sweetness to your every day! 

If you are interested in submitting your story, find guidelines and submit your story hereI want to hear your stories and give you the chance to share them with thousands of others around the world!  


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I think many of us have similar experience of going for something with a good pay check or whatever instead of following out heart.
    I chose to do finance at uni and ended up doing several jobs in the banking and finance industry from financing real estate development to derivatives trading. But it really wasn't me. It took a really long time to come back to realised what I knew when I was a very young kid.

  2. Sure makes me feel good to watch this instead of the morning news on tv with all the reporting of bad in the world. Will try to pass it forward in small ways every day. Thanks for sharing!

    1. you've completely captured the point of CREATIVE SUGAR...best wishes!

  3. I'm so happy you decided to start these Creative Sugar blog posts...and I love the idea of Go Inspire Go. We all need more positivity in our lives.

  4. Wonderful story! A great example of following your heart...

  5. Thank you for sharing your amazing art with the world and using your platform to share the the creative inspirations of others. This idea is authentic as it is inspiring. Gratitude to all who commented and followed!


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