A NEW Mixed Media Owl Painting! - Love Me Still!

LOVE ME STILL. Original (SOLD). Prints are available in my etsy shop.

I haven't been painting too many owls lately. But I'd been stuck on a girl painting and thought I'd start a new little painting and this white owl just appeared.

He actually changed quite a bit. It seemed I was either unhappy with his color or form. And then I just didn't like that spot up above his shoulder. I tried paper after paper, trying to figure out just what needed to be there. I was thinking fireflies, but to no avail...they just wouldn't work out. 

The thing that clicked? When I searched for new supplies and found an old postcard in my paper bin. What I loved about it was the text...lines to a poem, entitled LOVE ME STILL.

LOVE ME STILL. Original (SOLD). Prints are available in my etsy shop.

To me, this owl is all about peeling back the layers to find the true, sometimes imperfect beauty that exists underneath.


I have a BIG surprise to share with you on Monday! Something I've been putting so much heart and energy into and I can't wait for you to know all about it!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. That's such a nice title and I love that you have layers to the painting.:)
    Jess xx

  2. Love this owl! Have a nice weekend Juliette!

  3. thank you so much! the layers can so often be frustrating, but in the end add so much to the painting :)

    have a fabulous weekend!

    xo, juliette

  4. I was looking at this owl in your Etsy shop the other day....I just love it! What a sweet little painting. The owner of the original is a lucky person : )

  5. I know you teach a lot of people how to paint owls...and I think you do an awesome job of teaching them because I have seen many of your students post their work, which is lovely. But there are still none quite like yours who seem very deep and soulful.

  6. The softness of your expressions always amazes me. This one is so beautiful!


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