i heart gingerbread houses!

i just can't get over these adorable gingerbread houses! it's always inspiring to look at creativity in a completely different medium. it just sparks an entirely new side of inspiration to see patterns of bubblegum and candy canes!

i remember having to make a gingerbread house for my 7th grade class. we didn't have sugar cereal or many sweets in our house, so having an entire tub of frosting to work with was pretty much the best thing ever! 

i hope you had a merry christmas! i'll have a bit more inspiration for you later this week!

happy holidays!


registration is open for my upcoming how to paint a girl e-course! if you'd like to paint with me in january, be sure to register early as there are only a limited number of spots available.


  1. The Chewing gum for shingles on the house is an amazing idea :)

  2. Elle me rappelle le conte de la petite maison de pain d'├ępice...
    Un retour a l'enfance qui fait du bien.

    Je vous renouvelle mes voeux pour 2012, afin que tout soit possible y compris le bonheur.
    Gros bisous.


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