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alabama sticth book + alabama studio style by natalie chanin

i've been having so much fun browsing these alabama stitch books by natalie chanin of alabama chanin. i've even started to make my own corset out of vintage t-shirts. each book comes with loads of patterns that you can cut out and use to create your own lovely clothing! i'm so close to being done. but really, just paging through these books is beauty enough!

books by tove jansson and print workshop by christine schmidt

i've also been loving paging through these gorgeous books...tove jansson writes the most magical stories and has such fun illustrations! and some of the books, like this one, have little cut-outs between the pages...i read through them again and again and each time find something new! 

and, if you're looking for some art inspiration, i'm delighted by this book print workshop! lots of fun illustrations and printing techniques that i'm experimenting with in my paintings!

and i just can't stop reading some of my favorite agatha christie mysteries (and some fashion magazines too!).

i finally got through my latest journal...and one of my favorite things is finding and starting a new one! it always feels like i'm moving forward, onto a new phase. this one has a wonderful quote from ralph waldo emerson, "adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience." 

to adopt a bit of slow into my day and to celebrate this new phase, i picked up some fabulous silver nail polish. i usually go with a classic red, but this metallic (smoke and mirrors by sonia kashuk) goes on so glittery and really makes my nails look like mirrors!


i hope you had a lovely weekend!

i spent a few days in chicago meeting with a few wonderful bloggers that i connected with in the blogging your way e-course. i can't wait to share all of the photos and stories with you later this week!


ps. you might have noticed i have a new header on my little blog. i had a lot of fun starting my redesign, focusing on colors i love and simplifying things...what do you think? 


  1. Dearest sweet Juliette, these books look so interesting! Thanks so much for sharing. Currently im obsessed with Farm Anatomy by julia rothman! Love love love that book :) Oh and i just adore your new banner...it's so beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  2. Love the new banner, Juliette! I took a quick peek yesterday and the old one was great too! Love your blog! :-)

  3. i'll check out that book, jacueline.

    and thank you for loving my new banner! something new is always a change :) i loved the old one, but wanted an update...i still have new ideas though too.

    glad you had a chance to peek at the old one last night, michelle. so fun to meet with you in chicago! xo, juliette

  4. Love the new banner and I can't wait to check out the Alabama Stitch books.

  5. You will LOVE the Alabama Stitch Books, Paula! They are even just perfect as coffee table books and inspiring to have around!

  6. Your banner looks great for the weather and upcoming season!

    I hope you don't mind that I want to share your quote by RWE. I think it is perfect! :)


  7. So much wonderful information, as always, thank you Juliette♥ Your new header is great! your family of OWLs are a pleasure.
    Patient Person In Training...Debi

  8. i love that quote too! definitely so good to remember and see everyday :)

    thank you so much for all of your kindness!

    xo, juliette

  9. Your new header looks lovely (loved the old too). Thanks for sharing the books. I haven't checked those out yet. What a pretty polish, good for the holiday season. xo

  10. Hey there,
    I haven't gotten back to you yet, right? Sorry I haven't been feeling well lately and am not thinking that clearly, so if any of this is weird, that's probably the reason;)

    Anyway, I really love your art work, have seen it on Etsy before, and was so excited to see your comment! I didn't even know you had a blog too, I love it, and am now a follower of yours too!

    Also I will definitely be doing a blog post on your art work soon! Well... when I can think again;)

    Greetings, Laura

  11. LOVE the new banner!! It's still playful and fun with a good focus :) Thank you so much for making the trip to Chicago on Sat to meet up! I had such a fun time getting to know you! I hope this will just be the beginning!


  12. Hi Juliette!
    Love the new wintery banner. I'm kind of looking forward to winter this year mainly for the creative inspiration it always brings.

    I am awaiting the arrival of my 1st sewing machine, ordered a Brother via Amazon so the AL Stitch books look very interesting.

    Hope all is well,

  13. I LOVE reading mysteries too! And your new header is so clean and sweet. LOVE it!

  14. I have both of the Alabama books and I adore them! And I also love the new banner... however I loved the old one too!

  15. the blog's looking mighty beautiful, juliette! love how you've added some glittery polish to it! :)

  16. Love Agatha Christie.. I just finished reading the Hunger Game series and had become so obsessive I stopped doing a lot of other things so I am going on a book break till I get back on top of things..

    And my son is in love with I love you through and through and has me read it 4-5 times in a row.. he especially likes when I act out different voices and wiggle his fingers and toes..

  17. I love your new header, Juliette.
    It looks fantastic! Great photos in this post, too.

    Looking forward to seeing the photos of the BYW Chicago meet-up. I was there in spirit. :)

  18. What a great collection of books! I just discovered the Alabama Chanin book too - she is one cool gal! I *love to read, but am always on the lookout for recommendations... otherwise I get overwhelmed. Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Holy cow, I just saw that you mentioned Tove Jansson in this post. I grew up with the Moomins!!

  20. Love the banner! and I'll be checking the books out :)

  21. That's a lovely new header! Love the moon and colourful writing very much ♥
    The print book looks very interesting. I think I might look it up. :o)
    Jess x x

  22. Juliette, I love your new header. It looks fantastic!
    You may be interested in books by Kerry Greenwoo. She is an australian author writes great mysteries... I am addicted to her writing style.

  23. Hi from BYW! Love your header! My son (he's 12) is currently reading "And Then There Were None" for school, and he's totally captivated! There's nothing like a good Agatha Christie! Unless it's new nail polish, of course...


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