8 Things About Autumn That Are Inspiring Me!

Prairie walks,

crocus blooms,

looking up into the trees, 

enjoying butternut squash pasta,


apple picking,

the last golden magnolias,

and jumping into piles of leaves!

happy november!


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  1. Thanks to Twitter, I found your blog. Lovely post and photos. I'll have some of that butternut squash please, thank you . : )

  2. Hi Juliette! i've been stalking your paintings a bit this week, just seeing how diverse your paintings are, while still staying within the same basic themes (owls, girls, etc). Your style of art reminds me a lot of mine, and as I'm in the newer stage, I've really found inspiration from your works right now. By the way, love the coquiliquot (poppy, i believe, in english) on your blog banner! I don't post much art on my blog...yet. But that's about to change :). Have a great weekend!

  3. Mmmm! Fall is my favorite time of the year! I haven't quite had time to paint yet this season. BIG bummer! Hopefully this weekend!!

  4. I love it how pictures say sooo much!! Just went to apple farm 2 weeks ago (yearly fun) and got some amazing photos. Now it's about finding time to squuuueeze in u/loadign the pics to blog ;) Glad I stumbled upon ur site from BYW class.

  5. hi jessica! can't wait to check out some of your art on your blog. i've been working on a ton of new painting that i plan to post next week...so stay tuned :) happy creating!


  6. Awasome !!!
    This is a really Useful information, that many people wants to know.
    I heartly thnx to you !!!

  7. I love purple flowers.. good job ;)


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