Happy Halloween Weekend!

one of my favorite things to do this time of year is to carve pumpkins! and this year my parents joined us and brought the most amazing, gigantic pumpkins!

we cut off the tops and removed all of the seeds...

i've never seen so many pumpkin seeds! we had three baking sheets full!

and enjoyed them as we kept on carving!

brian sketched a sweet, happy face...

while i went for the classic, triangle eyes.

then i couldn't resist adding a bit of paint!

it was so much fun to decorate this guy...

and then to see them all lined up together!

now the pumpkins sit out on our front porch...ready to greet everyone for halloween!

i hope you all have a lovely halloween weekend!

*what are your weekend plans?* 


**on monday, i have a new painting to share with you!** 

i've been loving to create new girl paintings for my upcoming How To Paint A Girl e-course. AND the wiggly tendrils were kind enough to already write a new song for it all! 

Listen to it in all of its amazing-ness and beauty right here!


  1. what FUN! and another joy filled memory..Happy Pumpkin Weekend! from Canada♥

  2. How fun that your parents came over to carve! Love that.

  3. Attending a Halloween/Costume party ... my husband is going as Cat in the Hat, while my good friend Julie and I are going as "thing one and thing 2" BUT since I made the shirts we are really "Julie 1 and Julie 2" blue fuzzy wigs and all :)

    I find a "blank" pumpkin far scarier then a blank canvas ... so I don't carve em', don't eat em' but I LOVE the seeds :) Your pumpkins are great!

  4. Love your painted jack-o-lanterns! Happy Halloween!

  5. that's adorable, julie. i used to go by "julie" in grade school and my best friend at the time was also julie so we were always known as julie 1 and julie 2 :)

    have fun!

    xo, juliette

  6. I love the carved and painted pumpkins! We're being lazy this year and just putting out pumpkins - no carving.

    Having friends over for a football game tomorrow/going-away party for a couple that is moving and then my sister's birthday get-together on Sunday.

    Have a great weekend!


  7. i LOVE the paint on the pumpkin - fun!!! This year, I decided to turn my pumpkin into spiders. Feel free to check it out (it was soooo much fun!): http://www.adasinteriordesign.com/mondays-make-it-adas-spider-pumpkin/


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