a painting in progress


This painting began with inspiration from a fish pattern on my little blue kiddy pool. This girl is all about the sea…being uplifted and flowing with each and every wave as they pass and carry her along, knowing that in going with the current all will fall into place as naturally as the BEAUTY OF THE SEA.

It's really fun to work on pieces of different shapes like this oval. I always find it brings out a new sort of creativity. I added all sorts of details to this piece using lots of supplies from my studio- acrylic paints, pastels, ink, pencil, and spray paint! I just love all of the little dots and subtle brush strokes that came out in all of the layers!

On top, I applied an antique decoupage finish, then an encaustic wax, to give the piece a wonderful warmth.


  1. thank you :) she was very fun to paint and watch evolve.

    have a lovely weekend!

  2. As always a lovely painting - thank you for showing us the process. Your work is always a treat to look at.

  3. these are gorgeous!

  4. I love seeing artists' processes. Thanks for sharing this! I love the finished product, too.


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