Remember Your Own Truth

REMEMBER YOUR OWN TRUTH. Prints and the Original Painting available in my etsy shop.

This little lion started off as an owl. I knew I wasn’t happy with him as an owl. It just didn’t feel right. But I adored the orange poppies surrounding him and thought he needed more orange. As soon as that brilliant orange set in, I knew this guy just had to be a courageous lion!
And this most courageous lion has been teased and taunted for so long. He has felt like adorning costumes, reducing his posture and hiding amongst the poppies. Yet he remains. Strong and courageous, knowing the importance and integrity needed to come back and REMEMBER YOUR OWN TRUTH.

If you look closely, you can see all of the layers and little details I’ve added to this piece using lots of supplies from my studio- acrylic paints, pastels, ink, spray paint, and cut outs of words like “costume” and “proud” from one of my favorite children’s books, “James and the Giant Peach.”
On top, I applied an antique decoupage finish, then an encaustic wax, to give the piece a wonderful warmth and depth, full of magic and beauty!


  1. J, I absolutely LOVE him! He's just so sweet.

    Last week I sketched out a little lion bot that just wouldn't leave me alone until I got him out on paper. And then as I sit here eating my breakfast I see your adorable little lion staring at me from my computer! I think there's something wonderful in the connectedness of it all and maybe there's something in the air that's encouraging us all to release the brave little lion in all of us!

  2. i love it! i do that quite a bit too!


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