new paintings in the shop!

I’ve been painting in my backyard like crazy and creating all sorts of lovely new originals! 

And today I've added all of my new paintings to my shop! Along with loads of new prints! Stop by for a sneak peek and read each character's story (handwritten on the back of the original too)! 

See you in the shop!

photo by stephanie claire birr

IN HEART, I HEAR YOU. (SOLD). Prints available in my etsy shop.

LADY MOON. 8x8 inches on wood.

To Be Part Of It All (left) + Remember Your Own Truth (right).
both 7x7 inches on wood

Beauty Of The Sea. (SOLD!) 

Breathless, She Carries On. 10 x10 inches on wood

Walk Softly With Your Dreams (left) and Footsteps on Silent Ground (right).
Both 10x10 inches on canvas


  1. Looking good Juliette. It looks like you had a lot of fun and they are so cute. =D

  2. your paintings have a magical quality to them i love! sounds like a great summer - painting in the backyard!

  3. Telle une petite abeille vous butiner sur vos toiles... Joli travail;
    Gros bisous

  4. I'm loving your new work! Painting outdoors look like so much fun, too!
    Happy Summer.

  5. love the lady with the red hair :) I am in my studio currently, trying to paint and collage - it's not easy!


  6. yeah! These look great. I love painting outside too! So much that my husband is building a tree house up top for our daughters with a mini open air art studio on the bottom! I love the red hair girl too - my fave.

  7. you've given me a new idea, angie! that souns like an AMAZING studio!

  8. There all so beautiful!

  9. have you thought about moving into the back yard??? you are on fire...go girl...they are lovely

  10. So wonderful! Always exciting to have new works to share....and in this case, admire :)

  11. Beautiful work, as always. And how lovely to work in your back yard (we have had far too much rain for that!)

  12. fun! the end



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