a limited edition collection of art lockets!

what have i been so excited about? what have i been waiting patiently to reveal to all of you?

well, i've been searching for the perfect lockets to feature my paintings and now they're finally here for you to purchase in this Limited Edition Collection!!!!  

i cannot even begin to say how excited i am about these! they look just absolutely gorgeous!

i'm really not much of a jewelry person. simple and elegant is what i go for...i have my two favorite pairs of dangle earrings and one gold heart necklace from my grandmother that i wear. but since i found these lovely lockets, i had to try one out for myself. and they are just perfect...beauty for every day!

i will be taking orders for these lockets until wednesday, august 31, 2011 11PM EST. i only have a limited quantity available.

as i wore my locket around for a bit, it was just so lovely to glance in the mirror and have it to remind me of everything i've been doing and sharing with my art and creative business this last year! i carefully chose each painting for this collection to be sure each had a very special story that would inspire hope and beauty in your every day!

and i so hope these lockets inspire you just as much as you wear them and gift them to family and friends! 

THANK YOU! so much for all of your encouragement and support...here on my blog, on facebook and in all of the lovely emails you send too! You've all been such an inspiration to me! And without you, this would not be possible! Thank you!


  1. They look lovely Juliette :)xx


  3. Way to go Juliette...they're gorgeous girl!

  4. oh, juliette! they are just beautiful; the lockets compliment your beautiful and dreamy artwork so well! i'm in the process of developing a small line of vintagey jewelry pieces to complement my artwork too and boy, it's fun but so time consuming, huh?!

    :) best wishes for all your creative endeavors!!! :)

  5. These are so beautiful, Juliette! It's always a pleasure seeing what you're up to and so very inspiring too : >


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