things that are making me smile

Melted snow hearts (literally...i found this just like this while on a walk!),

blueberry pancakes with orange butter,

happy star fish,

super sweet cookies,

loads and loads of candy,

homemade sushi rolls,

and rows of pink flowers!


  1. Those are lovely things for sure. I can't believe the snow was in the shape of such a perfect heart--seems like a sign!

  2. Great moments. That snow heart is adorable! I love making homemade sushi. Yum! My favorite of all? The flowers. I am sooooo ready for spring.

  3. Hi Juliette, I posted a photo of a heart shape that I saw on my walk a couple of days ago! Your snow heart is beautiful. Do you think it could be a sign? I do! Those pink flowers look delicious. Not to eat mind you! ;)

  4. What do you know - those things made me smile too :)

  5. Smiles indeed! (especially at the pancake) :)

  6. The starfish and the snow heart don't look like they belong in the same post!


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