a few things that make me smile

Hand-painted birdhouses,

 brilliant purples,

so many autumn leaves,

 seeds that look to me like my favorite pair of dangle earrings,

 and super cute drawings that parents set beside the front door!


  1. Such wonderful things - they made me smile too :)

    I'm loving your latest paintings. Good Luck with your upcoming show!


    p.s. I'm looking forward to your Friday post with great anticipation for your latest news :)

  2. I like your...A few things that make me smile...posts that are done with photo's. I may try this on my blog sometime if it is ok with you.I like that you can find a smile in the simple thigs of life. It is a gift. I see where your color inspiration comes from for your paintings. :)

  3. dee, that would be wonderful if you did something similar to my smile posts on your blog! i've found it to be such a good way to keep me on the look out for anything that really makes me smile inside :)

    and it does make me think a lot about color and how to help other look at color too!

    xoxo, juliette

  4. oh my gosh I chuckled out load at the dangle earrings - such a sweet post thank you for sharing!

  5. Gorgeous photos and they made me smile too! Thanks for sharing your talent, and your perspective on this world. xo

  6. Yes! All of those things make me smile too!

  7. I love the colors on that birdhouse...great post!

  8. i hope that's your birdhouse! so cute-

  9. wow! live in a magical place, the birds should be happy with their new home!


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