Art Parties!

These new paintings were inspired by an art party night with my friend Brooke. She brought over her new oil paints, and we made veggie pizza and enjoyed chocolates and wine. It's so important to have fun with art and to not take yourself too seriously. Art parties are a fun way to get the creativity flowing. I'm super happy with these new pieces and wanted to share them with you! Details and close-ups can be found in my Art Shop.

MOUSE EARS - Original Mixed Media Painting on Canvas by Juliette Crane (10X10 inches)
The other day I was wondering what it might be like to live inside a Van Gogh painting. I'd want to be stuck in one place like one of those Russian stacking dolls, watching carefully and listening intently with MOUSE EARS. This painting is created from acrylics, colored pencils, pastels, and artist pens. The girl's face is drawn and then painted using lots of materials. On top, I applied an antique decoupage finish.

RABBIT EARS - Original Mixed Media Painting on Canvas by Juliette Crane (10X10 inches)
This girl is a Warrior... a Rock Star. She will remind you to stay strong and not let anyone stand in your way. Even when they make fun of your RABBIT EARS. At first I painted her dress, but then realized she needed something much more vibrant and powerful so I cut out her top from vintage sheet music, her skirt from modern origami paper and then added her incredible superhero-style belt that was once part of a vintage United States Road Map.


  1. I love these! I really like the art party idea, I will have to try that :)

  2. Hiya
    thanks for visiting my bloggy. This is so cute. I also use ephemera in my art...it's a beautiful medium to incorporate isn't it?


  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I like the idea of an art party. Sounds fun, inspiring and so creative. I used to do that with friends and sewing, but have not done that in along time. Your art is pretty inspiring too. Love the sweet faces.


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